Green Pistachio Kernels for Pastry

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Green Pistachio Kernels

Green Pistachio Kernels for Pastry

The purchase price of green pistachio kernels for pastry is lower when you buy from Iranian Green Kernels Supplier and Exporters. Artin company is one of them.

Of course, this price should not sacrifice for the quality of pistachios. How can we receive the daily price of green pistachio kernels? Which companies are importing these kernels to your country?

Pistachio kernel is one of the most important pistachio products that has many different uses.
One of the uses of pistachio kernels is in pastry and obviously, the green color is a very important principle for this purpose.

Pistachio kernel types used in sweets

Pistachio Kernels Types

Ordinary Pistachio Kernel

Among the ordinary pistachio kernels are Fandaghi, Badami, Ahmad Aghaei and Kalle Ghuchi, which are divided into two sub-categories: Machine and Hand Broken and Cracked.

The Machine produced kernels are cheaper in price and weaker in appearance while kernels that are producing by hand cracking is higher in both price and quality.

Wild Pistachio Kernel

It is an organic, high quality product and being green makes it an ideal option for pastry.
This pistachio kernel also has several varieties that are divided into two types of “White Skin” and “Purple Skin”.

Premature (KAL) Pistachio Kernel

When we want to produce this product, we need to harvest pistachios before it’s been completely ripe.
White skin and green mantle are the most important features of this product.

Green Peeled Pistachio Kernels

It’s one exception and the different pistachio kernel item that have different classifications and have great potential for exporting overseas.
The thing to note about this product is its high price, which is due to its export quality and difficult production procedure.

Feizabadi Pistachio Kernel:

This pistachio kernel, known as the “green belly kernel” in the domestic market of Iran, is a great option for powdering and peeling if you need the cheapest prices.

Although the skin on these kernels is slightly dark, the inside is quite green and well-colored.

Green Pistachio Kernels Production Center

Green Pistachio Kernels

The main centers of pistachio production in Iran are mostly in Kerman, Khorasan and also Yazd provinces.
The reason for this is also the wide orchards of ​​Iranian pistachio varieties.

One of the special pistachio kernel’s supplier for confectionery, ice cream, Lokum (Turkish Delights), baklava and even protein products factories is the Artin pistachio kernel company.

This Company, which operates in Khorasan Razavi province, especially in Feyzabad and Neyshabur areas, tries to produce the best quality of pistachio kernels using different types of pistachio cracking machines.

In this Factory, varieties of green pistachio kernels for confectionery in different qualities are offering to customers.

You can contact the Pistachio Kernels Sales Manager now to get pictures of the products as well as the daily price of pistachio nuts and kernels by clicking on the image above.

Iran Green Pistachio Kernels Export:

Iranian Green Pistachios

Iranian pistachio kernel is also exporting to various countries in addition to the Iranian domestic market.
Given that pistachio kernels have many different uses, there are many customers for this product.

Factories of sweets, chocolates, ice-cream, meat and protein products and so on are among the main buyers of Iranian pistachios.

Of course, certain quality parameters must consider for export in some countries.
For example, most EU countries require an aflatoxin-free product.

If the shipment has a defective customs standard, the goods will return to the country of origin.

By the way, if it find that this load is harmful to the health of the community, the whole cargo will eliminate in the same country.
Accordingly, the best pistachio kernels should be purchased from reputable and reliable centers.

Khorasan Pistachio Kernel Online Sale

Pistachio Kernel Online

With Artin’s social networking platform as well as keeping its website up-to-date, Artin Productions tries to make it easy for customers across Iran and even other countries to communicate with the factory.

This way a significant amount of the company’s sale is sold non in-person and online.

You can also contact your consultants at Artin factory for more information on the factory as well as price list.

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