Green Pistachio Kernels Import | Iranian Pistachios Producer

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Green Pistachio Kernels Import | Iranian Pistachios Producer

Green pistachio kernels import is profitable if you purchase Iranian pistachios from a reputable producer. You need to know your market’s acceptable qualities.

What are the best examples of green pistachio kernels? Under what conditions does the global market for dried fruits buy most of the pistachios from Iran?
Talking about the best type of pistachio kernel suitable for export is not easy, there are many types of green pistachio kernels for import from Iran, and from this perspective, it is necessary to examine what is the use of the target country for this product?

Detection parameters of export-quality pistachio kernels

Usually, the things that show the quality of pistachio kernels for export/import are their green color. The world market considers pistachios as dried fruit and valuable because of their color, taste, and rich materials and is willing to pay high prices.

The size of the kernel is another parameter in this field, which of course is not very important for many countries. Global health standards such as aflatoxin levels are especially important for European countries.

In general, we should pay special attention to the following parameters:

  • The color
  • The size
  • Target market standards

Of course, for import, pistachio kernels with large size and dark green color will not necessarily be considered by traders. Instead, you should select the pistachio kernel you want by assessing the needs in the target country’s market. Of course, the main purchases of countries far and near are high-quality pistachio kernels.

In the following sections, we have more details about the types of pistachio kernels for export/import and how you can buy them.

Different Varieties of Green Pistachio Kernels for Import

We all know that a large number of Iranian pistachio kernel cargos are for export to countries near and far. There are different types of pistachio kernels and each of them is in use for export to specific countries.

The following pistachio kernels are the most important and widely used pistachio kernels for export/import.

  • At first, Green pistachio kernels
  • Then, Peeled green pistachio kernels
  • Also, Purple skin pistachio kernels
  • Organic pistachio kernels

Each of the above pistachio kernels is good for import according to the needs and uses of the target country. For example, a country buys the highest quality green pistachio kernels. But on the other hand, we see countries that consider lower qualities.

In general, we are familiar with the types of export-quality pistachio kernels and green pistachio kernels. But as you can see in the previous section, we need to know what pistachio kernels are in use to export to which countries.

To buy different types of pistachio kernels for import or advice on exporting products, you can contact the consultants of Artin Trading Company.

How to Buy Green Pistachio Kernels for Import

We all know that the best place to buy any agricultural product is its production center. So to buy first-class pistachio kernels, we must travel to provinces such as Kerman and Khorasan Razavi in Iran.

But now we are witnessing significant growth in cyberspace and online sales of various products. The sale of various agricultural products such as pistachio kernels was no exception.

Cyberspace has also accelerated the process of buying and selling agricultural products.
This has made the dear merchants easily and with one call to buy the desired products from the manufacturer. These merchants will receive their products in the target country and city.

Artin company is also one of the companies that sell nuts and other pistachio products in bulk and online. In fact, the Artin company is an Iranian pistachios producer that is an exporter as well.

This collection creates several advantages for merchants due to its online sales.

  1. It reduces the price of products due to the reduction of ancillary costs
  2. Also, it reduces the final price for consumers and thus make sales easier for traders

Of course, in buying your products online, you must be sure of the originality and history of the desired company. This way you can easily make your purchases from manufacturers.

For advice or to buy different types of pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants of Artin Pistachio Company.

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