Green Pistachio Kernels Price

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Green Pistachio Kernels Price

Green Pistachio Kernels Price

If you are in the business of pistachio kernels, daily prices are important to you. We introduce you a supplier here that gives you the green pistachio kernels price.

To buy pistachio kernels in bulk, you need to contact the centers and producers to remove the intermediaries.
Especially, When you are purchasing large quantities, The lower price means more capabilities in the market to you.

Green pistachio kernels have their own customers both in the domestic market and in the export market.
Pistachio kernel is one of the most widely used products in the food production industries.
Given that Artin Co. is the main producer and exporter of different types of pistachio kernels in Iran, You can make direct contact with this company to achieve more live information about this product and other side products of pistachios.

Daily Green Pistachio Kernels Price

Pistachio Kernels Price

Pistachio kernel pricing in Iran is based on various parameters, some of which are as follows:

The first point about the daily price of green pistachio kernels for each product is the amount of supply and demand for that product.
Due to the fact that the range of pistachio kernels and its sales market in the country is very different, there are naturally different pricing for this product.
Especially in the export market, the issue of pricing is very important, and great care must take in pricing and offering a product that fits the target country.

The second important principle in product pricing is the quality of the product and which type of raw and in-shell pistachio is used.
The quality of the product means that the inner kernel is green, as well as the amount of broken and halved kernels in the product.
Green Pistachio Kernels Price depends on the color. The greener color means higher quality.

However, in discussing the type of pistachio kernel, it should consider that which type of pistachio kernel produces from long pistachios, jumbo type or round type.
The above points and many other cases have finally brought the traders to a final conclusion. So that they can determine the daily price of pistachio kernels.

Pistachio Kernel Purchase Center

Pistachio Kernel Center

The focus of pistachio production center is more in Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces.

The following cities have the largest volume of pistachio and its kernel production:

  • Rafsanjan
  • Kerman
  • Sirjan
  • Zarand
  • Anar
  • Sabzevar
  • Mahvelat
  • Neyshabour

Each of these cities produces certain types of pistachios in high volumes.

In other words, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio production center is Rafsanjan, while the largest volume of jumbo pistachio production in Kalleghouchi type relates to Sabzevar (Khorasan).

In these areas, there are workshops and factories for pistachio cracking. These factories are in the process of producing different types of pistachio kernels.

Due to their adjacent to the pistachio production center, these collections can be a good option in terms of price and quality of products.

You can click on the image above to get the price list of pistachio kernels.
Also, You can make direct contact with Artin Export and Sales managers on social medias.

Export and Import Pistachio Kernels from Iran

Import Pistachio Kernels

A large volume of Iranian pistachio kernel products uses for export to other countries.

Of course, the destination country and the type of pistachio kernel consumption in that country are the two main parameters in product selection.

By setting these two parameters, the proposed options can present to traders and buyers of these products.

Of course, it should note that the packaging and transportation of pistachio kernels should do in a completely standard and professional manner.
So that the product reaches the final consumer with excellent quality and without any change in appearance and taste.

To export pistachio kernels to countries that require aflatoxin certification, pistachio kernels must be packaged in vacuum-packed packaging after production.
This prevents the growth of aflatoxin fungi in transport.

Artin Pistachio Production Factory is one of the activists in the field of production and export of pistachio kernels.
Green Pistachio Kernel is one of the main products of this company.

You can contact our experts for free advice in the field of export and various packaging.

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