Green Pistachio Powder | Iranian Producer and Exporter

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Green Pistachio Powder

Green Pistachio Powder | Iranian Producer and Exporter

Green pistachio powder exports from Iran to different countries at reasonable prices. Artin Factory is an Iranian producer and exporter of green pistachio powder.

Canada, India, Ukraine and Russia are the main buyers of Iranian pistachio powder and slices.

Pistachio powder can be produced and marketed in different qualities.
Obviously, The green color of pistachio powder shows its high quality. In reverse, the yellow colors are the cheapest quality of this product.

Production of Green Pistachio Powder Varieties

Pistachio powder is one of the most widely used pistachio products in the market.
Pistachio powder can produce from any type of pistachio kernel, but they are different in taste and color.

To produce pistachio powder, pistachio kernels that are greener is using.

Green color along with taste are two main and important features for pistachio powder products.
Sometimes, We use green pistachio kernels in the production of green pistachio powder, the price of which is high.

Or the producers use green belly pistachio kernels (Feyzabadi) which finds in abundance in Khorasan Razavi province.
Some production units also use wild pistachio kernels to flavor and make the pistachio powder greener.

Wild pistachio kernels are very fragrant and make selling pistachio powder easier.
Of course, Wild kernels are also relatively expensive and are using for special purposes.

Pistachio Powder Export Quality

Pistachio Powder Export

Tips should consider for the production of pistachio powder, especially for export.
The most important and main parameter for the export of pistachio powder is the absence of hard pistachio skin in the load.

Since the presence of pistachio shell skin in the form of broken powder in the pistachio powder causes damage to the mouth and teeth of people, this issue is highly regarded by customers, especially in international markets.

The main solution for this issue is to use color sorting devices (Color Sort) which should do on the pistachio kernel with high accuracy.
After this issue, several other parameters to emphasize the quality of pistachio powder in export markets are:

  • Pistachio powder color
  • Taste and freshness
  • Fat content
  • packing

All of the above is very important in determining the quality of the product for the export of pistachio powder, especially to Canada.
Cheaper pistachio powder is using for export to India, but minimums (of standards) are necessary.

In most pistachio exports, customers register pistachio powder and pistachio slices together.
These two products mostly use in the cake and confectionery industry and a variety of desserts.

Green Pistachio Powder Price

Green Pistachio Powder

Since the producer is free to produce pistachio powder, it is possible to produce any type of pistachio powder.
That is why pistachio powder should supply from reputable production units.

Well-known workshops and factories in the field of pistachio and its powder production are active in the market, which are not willing to mix low-quality pistachio kernels in their products.

On the other hand, there is no specific analysis and standard for pistachio powder.
These reasons persuade customers and exporters to buy their desired product in bulk from reputable centers.

Although the price of underground workshops in this area may be lower, but this risk is not acceptable for the export of pistachio powder.
The most important factor in determining the price of pistachio powder is the pistachio kernel using for pulverization.

Other features can be done with a little care and using laser devices.
Due to the involvement of various factors and conditions in determining the daily price of pistachio powder, it is not possible to post prices on the website.

But Artin production factory provides you with different ways to get the price of different types of pistachio powder today.
You can fill in the contact forms on the company’s website so that you can contact by the sales or commercial unit as soon as possible.

Our partners in the support department will provide you with all the necessary information about quality, packaging, storage conditions, how to do customs and export.

Granulated and Powdered Pistachios Export/Import from Iran

Granulated and Powdered Pistachios

Pistachio powder mostly exports from Iran to countries where the cake and confectionery industry is booming.

India, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are the main buyers of Iranian pistachio powder.
Pistachio powder usually exports along with pistachio kernels and pistachio slices, and its export volume is significant.

To export this product, the parameters and standards required by the destination country in production and packaging must observe.
For example, to export pistachio powder to Canada, we must pack it in vacuum-packages.

This type of packaging has two reasons, the main reason being the shipment of goods by sea. Despite the high humidity and long time, vacuum packaging must use.
On the other hand, the shelf life of pistachio powder in the destination country and also its beautiful appearance are of great importance.

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