Green Pistachios for Turkey | Iranian Wild Pistachio

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Green Pistachios for Turkey | Iranian Wild Pistachio

Green Pistachios for Turkey | Iranian Wild Pistachio

The Artin company exports green pistachios for turkey and then Arabian Markets. There are buyers for Iranian wild pistachio in Turkey.

Wild pistachio kernels are available in large quantities in Khorasan, Iran. And there are various companies that export these green pistachios to Iraq, Ukraine, and Turkey.
There are two main varieties of Iranian wild pistachio kernels that are of interest to these export markets.
These two varieties are:

  • Milky skin wild pistachio kernels
  • Purple skin wild pistachio kernels

This product is harvested from the heights and forests of Sarakhs city in the Khorasan province of Iran.

Forest pistachio is very small and you have to use special machinery to crack and smash their shell and produce a reasonable quality of its kernel.
A limited number of companies in the field of cracking, sorting, and packaging of this product are available in Mashhad.

Wild Pistachio Kernels (or Herat Pistachios)

Wild Pistachio Kernels (or Herat Pistachios)In addition to Iran, wild pistachio is also available in Afghanistan.
The western highlands of Afghanistan, part of which is on the border with Iran, contain many forests.
But so far in Afghanistan, many companies have not been active in cracking pistachios (to produce pistachio kernels).

Most wild pistachios are in bulk in various markets.
In this regard, some companies operating in Iran import wild pistachios from Afghanistan.
Then, inside Iran, they crack and produce pistachio kernels.
This work has been able to satisfy domestic customers in the Iranian market.

On the other hand, exporting these green pistachios from Iran to different countries, especially Turkey and Ukraine, are very good options.
Wild pistachio kernels are very popular because of their green color and wonderful taste.

Most of the products of Iranian companies in this field are in use for export to different countries.

Green Pistachios Sale for Turkey

Green Pistachios Sale for TurkeySince forest (wild) pistachios are very small in size, foreign materials and wastes remain among the kernels at the time of cracking.
The most important of these foreign objects are the hard skin and shells of pistachios.
Which is very sharp and if someone consumes it, the possibility of damaging the mouth and teeth is very high.

In this regard, in the processing of forest pistachio kernels, especially in export shipments, its cleaning is of great importance.
For this reason, one of the important parameters in the major purchase and export of green wild pistachio kernels is its cleanliness.

The Artin pistachio kernel production company, as one of the activists in this field, has reduced the percentage of foreign substances in the product to less than 1%. Especially, when you want to export/import these green pistachios to Turkey, you should know that they use them mostly inside sweets and chocolates.

To do this, in addition to adjusting the machinery, the process of manual sorting is also important.
In fact, in the last stage before packaging, all products are passing through the conveyor and checking by manpower.
So that pistachio kernels are with the least amount of waste and foreign substances.

The Artin green wild pistachio kernels are in 10 kg vacuum cartons.
In addition to not damaging the product during transportation, its durability would be higher and customers do not face any problems in storing it.

Green Wild Pistachio Kernel Price

Green Wild Pistachio Kernel PriceWild pistachio kernels are in 2 general types: Milky skin and Purple skin.
The milky-skin pistachio kernel is greener than the other type and of course, has a higher price.

The price of these pistachio kernels after determining their type depends on quality parameters.
Criteria such as the number of foreign materials, freshness and taste of the product, packaging, and the percentage of granules and flour in determining the quality and, consequently, the price of the product are directly effective.

On the other hand, the amount of supply and demand in the market will greatly affect the current price of the product.
With all this in mind, it should be noted that it is not possible to put the price on the website.

In this regard, various communication ways have been considered to receive the price list of updated products.

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