Green Slivered Pistachios Market – Artin Nuts Wholesale

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Green Slivered Pistachios Market – Artin Nuts Wholesale

Green slivered pistachios market for supply and purchasing in large quantities is Iran. Artin nuts website is an online wholesale center.

Pistachio slices and slivers are in use for the production of many sweets. And even green slivered pistachios are in use for some foods, and the main market for supplying them is Iran’s wholesale market.

Green slivered pistachios have many different types in the market. Each type has its own market and sales.
This product is in use for the preparation of many different foods and desserts.
Sliced ​​first-class pistachios are longer in shape, greener in color, and have enough oil and a unique taste. And the best type of them is available in Qazvin (Somewhere in Iran).
Slivered ​​pistachios of Qazvin, in addition to being supplied in the domestic market of Iran, are also in use for export to different countries.

Green Slivered Pistachios Export/Import Market

Pistachio slices and slivers are one of the most widely in use and important pistachio products.
This valuable product, due to its characteristics, has been able to sell well in global markets. And the export of pistachio slices from Iran is booming.

Green pistachio slices are more expensive than other pistachio products. This causes some countries to use lower quality pistachio slices.
The main production of Iranian pistachio slices is in Qazvin, Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces.
Of course, pistachio slices of Qazvin province are very high quality, which has a very suitable color and oil.

These slices of pistachios are in use for export to different countries.
Below we will tell you the names of some of these countries.

  • Kuwait
  • Swiss
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • Oman
  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Sweden

In addition to these countries, other countries buy Iranian green pistachios slivers ​​in smaller quantities.
But most of the Iranian pistachio exports are to the above countries.

Green Pistachios Slivers (Price/Quality)

One of the most important parameters for traders and buyers of pistachio slices is the price of pistachio slices. Now the question is how the price of pistachio slices is determined.

The price of pistachio slices depends on various factors. These factors include the following:

  1. Pistachio slice/sliver color
  2. The long shape of slivers
  3. Oil in pistachios
  4. The type of pistachio used in the production of pistachio slices
  5. The amount of pulverization of pistachio slices

But as mentioned, pistachio slices are in use for export in large volumes. Therefore, you need to find a supplier that has 2 features:

  • At first, It is a producer that can supply suitable quality at an affordable price.
  • At second, It is an exporter that can deliver the product to your destination country.

Of course, other factors also affect the final price of products such as pistachio slices. These factors include direct purchases from manufacturers and non-in-person purchases of products.
In the next section, we will provide more information about these two parameters that determine the price of pistachios.

How to Purchase Pistachio Products Directly?

One of the most important problems that traders face is finding, contacting and buying from the main manufacturers and direct contact. In this section, we will look at how you can connect with major manufacturers.

The Artin collection is one of the collections that sells and exports various types of pistachio kernels.
Due to its relationships and years of history in the field of online wholesales of these products, this collection is able to provide many advantages for merchants.

One of these advantages is direct purchase from manufacturers.
In fact, with a simple contact with the consultants of the Artin collection, you can make your purchase from the manufacturers.

On the other hand, due to the non-in-person purchasing procedure, the speed of purchase and delivery of goods is greatly increased.
This lead many merchants to make their purchases completely offline.

For advice, purchase, receiving the daily price and export of pistachio slices to different countries, you can contact the consultants of the Artin pistachio company.
Artin company consultants are by your side to experience a convenient and fast purchase with the lowest prices.

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