Healthy and Organic Barberries in Germany

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Organic Barberries in Germany

Healthy and Organic Barberries in Germany

There is a perfect market for healthy and organic barberries in Germany. This is the Iranian Berberis Vulgaris fruit that is of interest to Germany.

Organic and healthy barberry fruits of Iran have their own buyers in the market of different countries.
Most of these products are exporting to France and Germany.

Organic barberry and healthy barberry are more expensive than other types of red barberry fruits.
In the following, we will explain to you more about the Organic and the Healthy barberries in the market of Germany.

Organic and Healthy Barberry

Organic and Healthy Barberry

As you are aware, the production center of edible red barberry in Iran is South Khorasan province.
In this province, barberry is producing in high volumes along with saffron and pistachios.

Dried barberry fruits in Iran divide into two general categories based on their appearance:

  • Pomegranate-Seeds-Shape Barberries (The Persian name: ANARI ZERESHK)
  • Puffy-Shape Barberries (The Persian name: POFAKI ZERESHK)

These types are producing by different processing and drying methods.
The production process of pomegranate barberry in Khorasan takes 1 to 2 months after harvesting. But it takes more than 4 months for puffy barberries to get ready for the market.

Puffy-shape barberry has lighter color. In fact, it dries in the hall and away from direct sunlight.
But pomegranate seed barberry gets dry in direct sunlight.

What are healthy and organic barberries?

healthy and organic barberries

It might that the standard of different countries of healthy and organic barberries is different. But many countries such as Germany and France have the following brief definition.

The healthy barberries:

  • Pesticides residue in healthy barberry fruits is less than 0.05 mg/kg

The organic barberries:

  • Pesticides residue in organic barberry fruits is less than 0.01 mg/kg

In some areas of South Khorasan province, due to pistachio cultivation and also the existence of wheat and barley fields, unfortunately, pests are growing a lot.
For this reason, many farmers have to use different pesticides.
In this regard, all the barberries in these areas are out of organic and healthy conditions and it is no longer possible to export them as such.

But some companies invest in this issue, covering different orchard in specific areas.
All products of these orchards are inspected throughout the year and their products are sent directly to specific markets in Europe.
One of the active groups in this field is the Artin barberry production company, which is in South Khorasan province.

In this collection, all kinds of organic and healthy barberry are offering to customers by providing tests from different laboratories in Iran, France, and Germany.

Of course, supplying the product with these conditions requires concluding a contract and specifying special cases, some of which will be mentioned below.

Direct Sale of Healthy Barberries

Sale of Healthy Barberries

In the Artin production company, direct sales of healthy barberries are doing in bulk.
In this collection, in addition to the usual sale of barberry for exports to different countries, healthy products are also offering to the market.

Barberry processing workshops and factories are near the orchards of South Khorasan province, between the cities of Birjand and Qa’en.
In this company, barberries enter the processing procedure after the initial test.

Barberry processing and preparation includes the following steps that must be done in a completely hygienic environment:

  1. Leaf picking
  2. Thorn picking
  3. Separating tails from the barberries
  4. Adjust the moisture level
  5. Manual sorting and cleaning
  6. Final check
  7. Packaging

All of the above processes must be done with great care because barberry is a very vulnerable product.

How to Export Healthy and Organic Barberries to Germany?

Organic Barberries Germany

One of the important points in exporting barberry from Iran is its bulk packaging.
Due to the fact that barberry has some moisture in, it must be under special conditions.
Barberry is very sensitive to both heat and humidity parameters.
For this reason, reefer containers and services should be in use in the warm seasons of the year as well as sea shipping.

Another thing to consider when exporting healthy and organic barberries to Germany is that the barberry fruits should not be in plastic packages.
Because plastic causes barberry to sweat and change color after a while.
On the other hand, barberry products should not have direct contact with the carton because it is not acceptable in many countries in terms of health.

In this regard, the Artin production company uses fabric bags and containers for the products.
First, the barberry is placed in these bags, the barberry will be placed in the carton along with the bag.
With this method, in addition to increasing the shelf life of barberry, all hygienic points have been observed.

This type of packaging has been tested in the Artin company in the past few years and has been approved by the customs of most countries.

Prices of Healthy and Organic Barberries

Healthy and Organic Barberries

The price of organic and healthy barberries for Germany is higher than regular non-organic barberry varieties.
When the product has an organic certificate, its price is much higher, which in Iran is obtained by very limited orchards.

But products with laboratory and tested analyzes can be obtained from reputable and active companies in this field.
A limited number of production units in South Khorasan province, such as Artin factory, prepare, process, and send these products according to its contracts.

For more information about these products and their terms of sale, you can contact the Artin Sales and Trading Unit.

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