Herat Pistachio Kernels Sales Center | Afghanistan Green Pistachios

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Herat Pistachio Kernels Sales Center | Afghanistan Green Pistachios

Herat Pistachio Kernels Sales Center | Afghanistan Green Pistachios

Herat pistachio kernels are really green but small. Afghanistan green pistachios sales center is in Herat, Kabul, and Mashhad.

Herati or Afghan pistachio kernels, which are native to forest areas, have a green color and a very good taste.
Also, the smell of Herat pistachio kernels is almost different from Iranian and even American regular pistachios.

One of the main centers of production and major purchase of this product in Khorasan Razavi province is the “Artin Pistachio” company.
In this company, wild pistachios harvested from the forests of Afghanistan, which are small in size, are broken and cracked by fully automatic machines. Due to the small size of these pistachios, it is necessary to fine-tune the breaking machines by experts in this field.

In addition to being widely in use in the domestic market in Iran and Afghanistan, Herat green pistachio kernels have many buyers in Iraq, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia and are in use for export/import to these markets in large quantities.

High-Quality Herat Pistachio Kernels

High-Quality Herat Pistachio Kernels

As in the previous section, wild pistachio kernels are available by different names in the markets of different countries.
Meanwhile, due to the fact that the highest production of this type of pistachio kernel belongs to Afghanistan, it is often available in the markets by the name of this country.

Afghan – Herati – Forest – Mountain – Wild – Wild Pistachio Kernels

This type of pistachio kernel is available in two general states, Purple-Skin, and Milky-Skin, which depends on the time of pistachio harvest; The sooner the pistachio is harvested, the greener the crop is and the more it is Milky-Skin. But the longer the harvest season, the more ripe the pistachios will be and the more Purple-Skin their kernels will be.

Both are more commonly in use in a variety of sweets and foods and proteins; The wonderful taste of this product causes the major confectionery producers in the world to use this type of pistachio kernel.

Forest pistachio kernels are difficult and time-consuming due to the fine cleaning and sorting process. Because a high percentage of pistachio skin comes out of the machine along with the kernel; You can see this clearly in the video below.

Therefore, it is necessary to sort the whole load manually and with a completely clean device. There should be no foreign matter and waste including skin in Herat pistachio kernels.

Purple and Milky Skin Herat Pistachio Kernels Purchase

Purple and Milky Skin Herat Pistachio Kernels Purchase

One of the companies producing forest pistachio kernels is Artin Co.
In this collection, Herati pistachio kernels are available in two types of Purple Skin and Milky Skin.

All stages of cracking, sorting, and packing in this company and factory are in Khorasan Razavi province and most products are in use for export to different countries, especially Turkey and Iraq.

As you saw in the previous section and in the video, all the pistachio kernels need sorting; In other words, pistachio skin must be separated from the kernels, and because this product is very small, a percentage of the skin still remains in the output of the device; So the whole load needs manual sorting.

You can see part of the process of manual sorting and cleaning of forest green pistachio kernels in the video below.

If you want to buy this product in bulk for the domestic market or export to other countries:

you can contact our partners in the sales department or Message the on WhatsApp:

Wholesale of Afghanistan Pistachios

Wholesale of Afghanistan Pistachios

The price of wild pistachio kernel depends first of all on the supply and demand in the market; In years when the rainfall is good and the harvest from the forests is good, the supply will increase and the price will not increase.
But in times of drought, there is a problem with the supply of goods.

Then, we should notice that the price of Purple-Skin kernels is more expensive than the Milky-Skin. Also, it is more popular in the market due to its green color.

Other parameters for determining quality and price in the field of wild pistachio kernels are:

cleanliness, freshness (this year), and product packaging.

Which packaging can be in 10 kg cartons, in a vacuum, or non-vacuum in Artin production company.

To receive the price of this product and to know the inventory of different types of wild pistachio kernels:

You can contact our colleagues in the consulting and sales departments.

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