High Quality Iranian Zereshk to Import

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High Quality Iranian Zereshk

High Quality Iranian Zereshk to Import

High-Quality Iranian Zereshk is a product that you can find only in Iran. In fact, Iranian barberries are red and good to import as dried fruits.

The main exports of barberry are Red and Seedless dried barberries from Iran to other countries.
The Persian name of Barberry in Iran is Zereshk and you might see this Persian name in some markets for this product.
High-quality and first-class Iranian Zereshk with competitive prices in this market have a good sales volume.

The production center of Iranian red barberry is in South Khorasan province.
In different cities, including Birjand and Ghaenat, two products of barberry and saffron are produced in high volumes.
The area under specialized cultivation in this province is related to these products.

Export/Import of High-Quality Iranian Zereshk

High-Quality Iranian Zereshk

One of the countries to which Iranian barberry has good markets and customers in large quantities in Europe.
By the way, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, as the three northern neighbors of Iran, have many trade relations with Iran.

Iranian barberry is one of the products that have many buyers in these countries.
Or sent through these countries to other countries in Eastern Europe.

To export barberry, the final destination and application must first be specified so that the type of barberry can be selected.
Of course, The varieties of high-quality Iranian Zereshk is not that wide.

The two main types of Persian barberry (POFAKI and ANARI) are most in-demand in international markets.
ANARI barberry has a darker color than POFAKI barberry because it dries in direct sunlight.
On the other hand, the percentage of barberry juice in the ANARI variety is higher.
But in POFAKI barberry, due to the drying of the product on the branch, its juice is not left in the product and returns to the branch.

POFAKI Iranian Zereshk has completely puffy shape fruits and its crushing percentage is lower than other types of barberry.
Puffy barberry is more suitable for packaging for shops due to its light color.
In other words, puffy barberries have a better appearance and good looking than other types.

Artin Barberries Wholesale for Import/Export

Artin Barberries Wholesale

To export/import high-quality Iranian Zereshk to your country, various parameters must be of importance to you.
If barberry is a raw material for other products, the best choice will definitely be the Anari barberry.
In other words, the Anari barberry is in use for the production of ice cream, chocolate, Lokum, sweets, and also medicinal uses, and herbal medicines.

But if you use want to package barberries to sell in shops and chain stores, the Pofaki barberry would be the best choice.
Because, as mentioned earlier, Puffy barberry has a better appearance and a lower moisture content.

Artin Zereshk Company is one of the exporters of barberry to Armenia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.
Of course, countries such as Russia and Ukraine also buy large quantities of Iranian barberry.
To export barberry, some quality parameters must be observed more carefully.

The Artin barberry is also one of the main exporters of Organic barberries to European countries.
For this reason, in some cases, it is necessary to obtain a health certificate from the relevant organizations for the shipment.

How Much is the Price of Barberries to Import?

Price of Barberries to Import

For the major export/import of Iranian Zereshk, one of the main criteria for buying and selling is the daily price of the product.
Having a competitive price can create a more profitable and confident business.

Artin production company is in South Khorasan province of Iran and performs all processing affairs and is one of the companies supplying barberry for export.

The price of barberry in this company depends on various parameters.
The most important and main of these cases are as follows:

All these factors have a direct impact on determining the price of barberry.

Anyway, We advise you to make direct contact with our sales and export manager for any further information:

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