Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel | Green Pistachios Bulk Purchase

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Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel | Green Pistachios Bulk Purchase

Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel | Green Pistachios Bulk Purchase

Ice cream pistachio kernel should be green and tasty. If you want to purchase pistachios in bulk for wholesale, check these kernels.

In some countries, they use low price pistachio kernels for their ice cream and in most of the countries, there should be a high quality of pistachio kernels to use in ice cream and pastries.

Granulated green pistachio kernels are in use in the market for the production of sweets and ice cream at lower prices.
Low-price pistachio kernels are often available in pistachio-producing provinces of Iran (in high quantities to purchase & import).

Khorasan Razavi and Kerman provinces have the most pistachio products in Iran.
Most pistachio kernel producers are also active in different cities of this region of the country.
In fact, there are various exporters and producers that supply ice cream pistachio kernels. It means that they are producing and supplying special pistachio kernels that are in use for the production of ice cream, chocolates, and various pastries.

Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel Varieties

Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel VarietiesA significant amount of pistachio kernels, especially green and low-price varieties, are in use in the production of ice cream, and as a result, the market for this product has an impact on its current prices in Iran.

Food industries such as sweets and ice cream producers and also various confectionaries, in order to provide the basic products they need, seek to communicate with major manufacturers and suppliers of their raw materials to be able to provide their final product with more appropriate quality.

Dried products such as pistachio kernels, hazelnuts, and almonds are among the most widely used ingredients in the preparation of various foods that are in use for different purposes such as decoration, flavoring, etc.

On the other hand, increasing the demand for nuts and their by-products improves their economic value in the market.
An important factor that these industries consider when buying is the price of the product.

Since the factories operating in Iran are the main suppliers of nuts and their by-products in the global market, so contacting Iranian domestic producers is the best option to provide quality products at reasonable prices. What if there would be a producer that is an exporter as well and has good experience in supplying ice cream pistachio.

Artin Pistachio Kernels

Artin Pistachio KernelsIn the Artin pistachio production company, low-price pistachio kernels are for use and decoration of cakes, sweets, and ice cream.
The most important and main of these are as follows:

  1. Pistachio kernel granules
  2. Halved and Crushed pistachio kernels
  3. Green pistachio kernels
  4. Wild pistachio kernels
  5. Peeled pistachio kernels

All these products are fully sorted and have the least amount of waste and foreign materials in the Artin company.
All products are sorted by manpower on the conveyor after sorting with a fully automatic laser machine.

It is then ready for packaging and supplying in wholesale markets or sending to production units and workshops in bulk.
The Artin products are in 10 kg vacuum packages and cartons, which increases the shelf life of the product.
On the other hand, in transporting and sending the product, the possibility of damage or weight loss of packages would be close to zero.

Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel Purchase and Supply Price

Ice Cream Pistachio Kernel Purchase and Supply PriceThe price of pistachio kernels depends on various parameters, the most important of which is the type of kernel.
Then the quality parameters are important, including the greenness of the product, which has a direct impact on its price.
Other criteria for determining the quality and price of pistachio kernels include the following:

  • Taste and freshness
  • The amount of foreign matter
  • Percentage of granules and broken kernels
  • Packaging type

In addition to all this, the amount of supply and demand, as well as the exchange rate of the USD/Euro to IRR, are effective.
Because pistachios are export-oriented products and the exchange rate has a direct impact on the current price of pistachios and their products.

To receive the updated price of each product, you can contact the sales department of Artin Company.

Our partners will first send you photos of different pistachio kernels according to your needs.
Along with these pictures, a price list will be sent to you so that buyers can compare.
After that, if needed, the product sample will be sent to you in the recommended amount for testing in the shortest possible time.
Do this with ease to buy the bulk and overall product.

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