Import Export Barberry to UAE

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Export Barberry to UAE

Import Export Barberry to UAE

One of the main target markets for Iranian Red Seedless Barberry is the UAE. Export barberry to UAE and Import dried berries with high quality is Artin Company’s services.

Sometimes, UAE is not the final destination of the Barberry. Rather, it reexports to European countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and so on.

Iranian Barberry in Emirate

Iranian Barberry

Today, some countries are buying Iranian nuts for much more than their domestic market needs.
Such issues are more visible in areas of the world that have extensive business relationships with the rest of the world.
For example, due to the large number of global businessmen in the UAE, export of strategic Iranian agricultural products, including Khorasan Red Seedless Barberry, has been widely welcomed in the market.

Our domestic producers can then export their high quality products to more countries. On the other hand the intermediary countries will benefit greatly from such exchanges.

Emirate as a consumer, Import Barberry to UAE for shops and restaurants. They use Iranian barberry to make delicious foods.
Also, UAE exports barberry to Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and some other Arabian countries.

Iranian Barberry Varieties:

Dried barberry has some varieties, but the two main types have the largest volume of production in Iran as well as a high volume of Iranian barberry exports:

  • Puffy Barberry (Pofaki Zereshk)

Iranian Pofaki Barberry

It takes more time to produce Pofaki barberry than other varieties.
This is why the Puffy Barberry find in the market 3-4 months after harvest season (September).
The most important characteristics of a puffy barberry are its light color, graininess, smoothness and good puffiness.

  • Pomegranate Seed Barberry (Anari Zereshk)

Iranian Anari Barberry

Pomegranate seed production (ANARI Persian Zereshk) is usually done under direct sunlight and takes about 2 to 3 weeks to process.
Since the product is exposed to direct light during this time, its color goes from light red to dark red.

Bruised percentage is slightly higher in Anari barberry but the final barberry is very juicy and is excellent for producing products such as Lokum (Turkish Delights), Iranian Halva and Baghlava, ice cream and all kinds of drinks.

Export Barberry to UAE

Export Barberry to UAE

It is very important to choose the type of barberry to export.
So in this regard, once the target market identifies, we should also consider the type of use.

In Turkey, for example, Istanbul’s Lokum (Turkish Delight) uses pomegranate seeds (Anari), while in German chain stores, packaged barberry will certainly uses. And for packaging, Pofaki barberry suggests.
In Germany, however, pharmaceutical plants, as well as beverage manufacturers, use Anari berberis vulgaris.

So, in the first step, choosing the type of barberry is very important.
After selecting barberry (pomegranate seed or puffy) it is time to check the quality of the selected item.

Barberry Quality Control for export barberry to UAE

Barberry Quality

There are various parameters for exporting and importing Iranian Red Seedless Barberry but some of them are very important and the necessary certifications must be obtained from relevant organizations.

    • Percentage of Tails and External Materials in Barberry cargo

This item, which specifies in the standard parameters, is usually measuring by the laboratory.
To reduce the amount of berries with tail, its special machine should use properly and then remove from the load on the production line by manual clearing of other foreign materials such as leaves, branches, etc.

    • Percentage of humidity (Barberry’s Moisture)

One of the important factors that affect the price and quality of barberry is its moisture content.
The standard moisture content for dried barberry crop is up to 17% and will not legally export if it exceeds that level.

    • Residues of Pesticides in Barberry Cargo:

This is important only for certain countries and requires a Health Certificate.
In sampling to obtain this certificate, barberry will test for more than 100 toxins as well as the amount of nitrate present in the load.

Other items such as ash content, crushing percentage, etc. are also define in the standard.

Which Companies Export Barberry to UAE?

Export Barberry to UAE

Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Company is located in Iran (Khorasan Province) producing, sorting, packaging, supplying and exporting following products for other countries:

Here you can know more about Artin Products: Artinnuts Products

  1. Iranian Pistachio Nuts (Long, Jumbo and Round)
  2. Iranian Pistachio Kernels (Green, Purple Skin and etc.)
  3. Red Dates (Iranian Jujube)
  4. Barberry (Persian Zereshk, Sometimes calls “Zeresht or Zereshg”)

Artin Factory exports Iranian Dried Barberry directly to UAE.

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