Import/Export Iranian Dried Barberries to Kuwait

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Barberries to Kuwait

Import/Export Iranian Dried Barberries to Kuwait

How to buy Iranian Zereshk and how to import barberries to Kuwait from Iran? Here we tell you more about Iranian Dried barberry.

Iranian barberry is well known in the Kuwaiti market and its sales volume is significant
Barberry exports from Iran to Kuwait usually by sea.

What is the current price of puffy barberry (Persian Pofaki Zereshk) for export to Kuwait?

First, we will examine the types of barberry producing in Iran. Then we examine the Kuwaiti zereshk market.

Iranian Red-Seedless Barberries

Barberries to Kuwait

Iran is the best producer of seedless barberries in the world. The highest area under cultivation of barberry (red and seedless type) is in South Khorasan province in eastern Iran.

Barberry and saffron are the two main and strategic products of Ghainat, Birjand, Sarbisheh and Hajiabad Zirkuh cities in the east of Iran.

Seedless Barberry shrub is approximately between 1.5 to 3 meters, which has branches with many thorns.

Barberry usually harvests from the branch with a branch, and after initial processing, barberry fruits separate from the branches.
The most important types of seedless Iranian barberry that are well known in export markets can be mentioned as follows:

  • Barberry puffy type: Persian Pofaki Zereshk (Best type for import barberries to Kuwait)
  • Barberry pomegranate seeds: Persian Anari Zereshk

The most important differences between these two types of barberry are the difference in color, puffiness and crushing percentage of barberry.

Pofaki barberry has a light color, completely puffy seeds and a low crushing percentage.

Pomegranate seed barberry is cheaper than puffy type and is mostly using in the domestic markets of Iran.
Also some neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia buy Iranian Anari Zereshk.

Iranian barberry is welcomed in the markets of Arab countries such as Iraq (especially Kurdistan), Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, as well as various European countries.

Iranian Dried Barberries in Kuwait

Barberries to Kuwait

In recent years, The export amount of barberries to Kuwait increased.
Of course, in some days of the year when the price fluctuations of the Kuwaiti dinar to the rial increase, the volume of exports decreases.

But due to the lower price of barberry in Kuwait in comparison with the dinar, most Kuwaiti traders tend to buy the best material.
That is why high quality puffy barberry sends to this country.

Due to the proximity of the distance (about 150 to 190 miles), barberry buyers in the Kuwaiti market usually request a low volume per order to get high quality fresh product.

Iranian Pofaki (Puffy) Zereshk in Kuwait

Barberries to Kuwait

Iranian puffy barberry is well known in the Kuwaiti market. In fact, Export of pofaki barberries to Kuwait is really common in this market in Iran.

Light color and oil percentage are important for buyers in the Kuwaiti market. So that if the moisture content of the load is higher than the standard, they will return the load.

As you are aware, Iranian puffy barberry will be ready for the market from January.

Of course, in some years, due to weather conditions and high humidity, barberry comes to the market later.

Puffy barberry after preparation in the initial conditions, its secondary processing process, which includes pruning, leafing and brewing, is done in factories and production units of South Khorasan province.

After confirming the moisture content, the product is ready to packaging and sending to the destination city and country.

Bulk Barberry Packaging

Barberries to Kuwait

There are several ways to pack barberry.

Some barberries production units pour the berries directly into cartons, in which the Kuwaiti health department sometimes causes problems with the product.

Because from a health point of view, direct contact of the product with the carton is not correct.

Some manufacturers put barberry in plastic and then put it in cartons. The disadvantage of this method is that barberry sweats quickly in the sea and other environments with high humidity and then turns black.
Artin Barberry Production Factory was able to solve this need of barberry export customers by inventing the use of perforated cloth bags for air passage for the first time.

By placing barberry in special cloth bags with a certain temperature, barberry will reach its final consumers without any change in color or condition.

Another point that must observe is that barberry must place in cartons that have a label with an Arabic or English name along with the date of production and expiration.

By observing all these cases, your desired product can be easily sold in the markets of different cities of Kuwait.

How to Export Dried Barberries to Kuwait

Barberries to Kuwait

The main route for sending barberry from Iran to Kuwait is usually by sea.

Imam Khomeini Port, Mahshahr Port, Abadan Port and Khorramshahr:
These are among the ports where most cargo launches send barberry from Iran to Kuwait.

You can use air freight for low quantities but the costs are higher when you use air cargo services.
Barberry air freight is often very high and not affordable.

However, for high volumes, a container usually officially send to the customs of Kuwait from Iranian ports, where clearance procedures perform by the seller.

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