Importing Iranian Barberry to Georgia | Artin Zereshk Producer

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Importing Iranian Barberry to Georgia | Artin Zereshk Producer

Importing Iranian Barberry to Georgia | Artin Zereshk Producer

Importing Iranian barberry to Georgia is not that difficult and it’s profitable when you are buying from a producer such as Artin Zereshk Co.

There are two types of Iranian barberry that are perfect for export from Iran to Georgia.
To send barberry to Georgia, you need a health certificate for the product.
Of course, the resume and history of the barberry importer company in this country significantly helps to speed up the clearance of goods.

Due to the extensive trade-economic relations between the two countries, trade exchanges are easier.
In this article, we get acquainted with complete information in this field.

Iranian Barberry Varieties for Georgia

Iranian Barberry Varieties for Georgia

Iranian Exporters are sending barberry fruits to many countries in the world.
These barberries are consuming in different parts of the world and in Asian and European countries.

Georgia, which is one of the European countries, has a great desire to buy Iranian red barberry (Zereshk).
Barberry exports to this country include both ANARI and POFAKI barberry.
Of course, we have to mention some points here.

Importing Iranian puffy barberry to Georgia is more common between all the varieties of this product.
But this does not mean that only puffy (POFAKI) Iranian barberry is good for this market, but POFAKI Zereshk accounts for a larger volume of exports from Iran to this country.

Consumers in this country like colorful puffy barberries.
For this reason, the colorful puffy barberries cover a large volume of cargo sent to Georgia. In fact, It’s a barberry fruit with bright red color.

In the following sections, we will provide more details about exports to Georgia, the necessary certificates, and other important issues.

Iranian Barberry Wholesale Center

Iranian Barberry Wholesale Center

You should know that you can find red and edible Berberis Vulgaris only in Iran. By the way, the production center of this product in Iran is the southern Khorasan province.

In this province, in addition to barberry production and harvesting it, barberry is also processed in high volumes to be ready for both domestic and export markets.

Producers of this product dry barberries in large volumes.
Dried barberries have two categories (varieties): POFAKI barberry and  ANARI barberry.
After drying, there are other workshops and factories to sort and process this product for the market.
After sorting, the packaging is the next stage and step. And after packaging, the product is ready to send to the wholesale markets or destination countries such as Georgia, Germany, and also Russia.

The Artin Zereshk Company is one of the companies that produces and sells barberry.
In this company, according to the producing barberries according to the customer’s orders, barberry has a freshness, high-quality, and very good price.

To buy different types of barberry, you can contact the sales consultants of the Artin collection.
Artin Business Consultants will help you to buy an ideal product and even export it.

Certificates for Importing Barberries to Georgia

Certificates for Importing Barberries to Georgia

In exporting to any country, we must pay attention to some points.
One of the points that are very important in exporting to European countries is getting the necessary certificates.

The same is true for the export/import of barberry.
In exporting/importing barberry fruits to countries such as Georgia, a healthcare certificate is necessary.
This certificate can be obtained from the Food and Drug Administration.

These certificates are international and acceptable all over the world.
Here we must mention an important point.

Due to getting a health certificate, the price of barberry will go up a bit.
But European countries have accepted the price increase due to the high attention paid to these documents, and health is more important to them than the price.

In the next section, we will give more details about barberry exports/imports to Georgia.

Barberry Importer/Exporter to Georgia

Barberry Importer/Exporter to Georgia

As we said in the previous sections, exports to European countries have their own stages.
Georgia is no exception and exports to this country also have difficulties.

The Artin dried fruit company is one of the companies that are active in the field of production and sale of barberry.
In the Artin factory, we try to offer the highest quality products to customers at the lowest possible prices.

You can easily make your purchases by contacting the collection consultants.
The Artin Group consultants will help you increase the export of these valuable products.

You can read more about Iranian Dried Barberries on this website.

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