Importing Iranian Barberry to Istanbul | Zereshk Exporter

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Importing Iranian Barberry to Istanbul

Importing Iranian Barberry to Istanbul | Zereshk Exporter

Importing Iranian barberry to Istanbul has profit in large quantities. The Artin Zereshk exporter supplies barberry for buyers in Turkey.

Iranian barberry (Persian Red Zereshk) is exporting from Iran to Turkey, including puffy and pomegranate seeds barberries.
The highest amount of barberry is importing to Istanbul for the production of sweets and Lokum.

Part of Turkish customers’ orders for this product is for re-export to European countries.
Anyway, We talk more about importing Iranian barberry to Istanbul for the purpose of using it in Turkey.

Which Varieties of Barberry Does Export to Turkey?

Varieties of Barberry

One of the questions that arise for different people is what kind of barberry is using for export to Turkey?!
To answer this question, one must first examine the type of consumption and the final destination.

If the intention is to send barberry through Turkey to European countries, the issue should be different from when the product is to use in Turkey.
Consumption should still be considered for exports to European countries, but the largest volume of exports to Europe is related to puffy-shape barberries.

But in Turkey, most barberry consumption is to the production of sweets and pastries, especially Turkish baklava and Lokum.
For this reason, pomegranate-seeds-shape barberry is mostly using in factories producing these products.
Therefore, accurate needs assessment and marketing is one of the requirements for importing barberry to Istanbul, Turkey.

By choosing the right product with the right quality, you can make a very profitable business in this area.
Of course, Persian Pofaki Zereshk is also sending to Istanbul and other cities in Turkey.
But this type of barberry is using for consumption in restaurants or offering through stores.

Therefore, it can be said that by examining the final destination and type of barberry consumption, one of the types can be selected for this purpose.
Pomegranate-seed-shape barberries and puffy-shape barberry are the most well-known varieties of Iranian barberry in world markets.

Importing Artin Iranian Barberry to Istanbul

Importing Iranian Barberry to Istanbul

As you know, the barberry production center of Iran is in South Khorasan province.
In this province, different types of red barberry are producing and marketing in different orchards throughout the province in different qualities.

The farmers mostly sell their barberry products in the domestic market of Iran.
But in recent years, with the recognition of Iranian barberry in international markets, part of the production of different cities of Iran is using for export.

Obviously, Barberry is exporting to different countries.
Germany, Russia, Canada, and Turkey have the highest demand for Iranian barberry.

One of the companies producing and exporting barberry from Iran is Artin Barberry Production Company.
In this company, having a specific production line for export products, the highest possible quality of products for export is available.
This collection distributes various types of barberry in the market throughout the year. Exporting Iranian barberry directly from Iran to Turkey is another capability of this company.

Export packages for Iranian barberry are diverse in this company.
One of the bulk packages using in high volume is fabric packing.
This type of packaging is approved by both buyers and customs of destination countries in Asia and Europe.
To receive photos regarding these packages, you can contact the Artin Barberry sales unit on social networks.

Barberry Wholesale for Importing to Istanbul

Barberry Wholesale

One of the main export routes of the Artin barberry company is to Turkey and Germany.
The barberries that are importing to Istanbul should be completely sorted of any foreign materials.

In other words, no foreign matter or waste should be in the load.
These lesions include thorns, fine gravel, tail, blank barberries, and etc.

For more information on how to export/import barberry, you can contact our partners in the commercial department.
Barberry activists and producers in South Khorasan province are the best options for buying barberry in bulk.

Due to their proximity to the production center, these activists can provide you with higher quality products at a competitive price.
In different cities of this province, including Birjand, many production units are active in this field.
But few of them have complete knowledge and expertise in exports.

Persian Export-Quality Zereshk Price

Export-Quality Zereshk Price

For importing Iranian barberry to Istanbul, the price of the product is one of the most important parameters.
Having a competitive price is very important as there are various competitors in Istanbul.

The price of barberry in Iran depends on various parameters.
The most important of which is supply and demand and general market conditions.
Because barberry is not an export-oriented product and the conditions inside Iran are the main determinant of the price of this product.

In other words, exchange rate changes do not affect the price of this product like other nuts, especially pistachios and saffron.
To get the daily price of barberry for export, you can contact one of the experts of Artin barberry collection right now.

Also, if needed, you can complete the relevant forms on the site and wait for the communication of our colleagues.

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