Iranian Anab Exporter – Jujube Best Price

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Iranian Anab Exporter - Jujube Best Price

Iranian Anab Exporter – Jujube Best Price

The Artin company is an Iranian Anab Exporter to India, Iraq, and Canada. the best jujube price is available in Khorasan, Iran.

The price of Iranian export-quality jujube varies according to size and quality.
According to the type of consumption and the type of jujube for export, its price can be different.

Obviously, If you want to get the best possible prices in comparison with the quality, it’s better to find an Iranian Anab exporter in the Khorasan province of Iran, where the orchards are full of Ziziphus Jujuba trees.

The southern part of Khorasan is the largest producer of the first-class Iranian Anab.

High-Quality Jujube Production

High-Quality Jujube ProductionSouth Khorasan is the largest jujube production center in Iran.
In different parts of this province, jujube is available in different qualities.
Birjand city and its suburbs have the highest area under cultivation.

In recent years, with the efforts of farmers and the support of Jihad-e-Agriculture, the province’s jujube orchards are being developed.
South Khorasan is the best place to produce Iranian Anab in large quantities, with high qualities, and with the most competitive prices in Iran.
The main reason for this is the type of jujube trees in the area as well as the weather conditions.
Jujube trees are well adapted to these conditions.

But in recent years, due to long droughts, the appearance of jujube in some areas is not the same as in the past.
The percentage of jujube wrinkles and also the shrinking of the crop size are objective manifestations of dehydration in the region.
Of course, the situation is such that farmers do their best to produce good products.

Iranian Anab (Jujube) Exporter

Iranian Anab (Jujube) ExporterDue to its many healing properties, jujube has many buyers in international markets in addition to the Iranian market.
This product is available in different sizes for nut use as well as medicinal uses.
Countries like Pakistan and India often welcome fine (tiny and small size) jujube for powder and milling.
But Canada, the Netherlands, and Iraq often buy medium and large jujubes.

Jujube fruit has various uses and it is in use in various ways.
This is why buyers of this product are looking for high-quality dried jujube.

The main parameters for determining the quality of jujube are different.
But the main ones are the size, color, percentage of wrinkles, and pest of the product.

Fresh jujube gets infected quickly, but dried jujube has a longer shelf life.
In this regard, most producers dry the products completely at the beginning of the season.
Jujube harvest season in South Khorasan province begins every year from August.
At the beginning of the season, fresh green jujube is also available as fresh food through fruit stores and shops throughout the country.

Artin jujube is one of the companies active in the field of production, sizing, and export of various types of jujube.
This company is in Khorasan and sells its products at the lowest prices in the market. In fact, the Artin company is an Iranian Anab exporter that is a producer as well.

In addition, in preparing and sending loads by this company, it is possible to pack according to customers’ orders.

Artin Jujube Wholesale

Artin Jujube WholesaleThe sale of export-quality jujube is initially according to the consumption of jujube in the destination country.
As mentioned in the previous sections, in some countries jujube is in use in powdered forms.

For these countries, small size jujube with a high percentage of wrinkles is also acceptable.
Because these products are cheaper than larger jujubes.
But some countries order jujube for nuts (for chain stores or nut stores).

In these cases, according to the customer’s needs, jujube nuts are available in different sizes.
Here, in the Artin jujube company, jujube nuts are available for sale in bulk in 4 different size codes.
In this collection, sizing and sorting of jujube are what a machine does and the products are ready for sale in uniform quality.

If you need to buy jujube in bulk, you can contact the Artin jujube sales unit.
Our colleagues will send you pictures of jujube along with the price of the products as soon as possible.

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