Iranian Annab Wholesale – Export – Major Supply

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Iranian Annab

Iranian Annab Wholesale – Export – Major Supply

Iranian Annab (jujube) has different names in the market. The major supply and export of Ziziphus Jujuba fruit are for dried fruits wholesale markets.

Iranian fresh and dried first-class jujube (Annab or Unaab) is offered by the Artin jujube company.
In this collection, sales are in bulk and they export these products all over the world without intermediaries from the production center.

The jujube harvest season in Iran begins in August each year.
Of course, depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to change this time between 10 to 15 days.

Jujube comes to the market both fresh and in dry form during the harvest season. But the wholesale of this product for major supply in the export/import markets gets back to the dried Iranian Annab.

The distribution center of this product is in Mashhad and the production center of Iranian jujubes is Khorasan province of Iran.

Fresh Jujube at the Harvest Season

Fresh Jujube at the Harvest Season

Fresh jujube, due to its moisture content and low shelf life, is usually harvesting and marketing at certain times of the year. In fact, the main market of this product is during this harvest season in Iran and there is no special market for fresh jujube in other countries.

Fresh jujube in the harvest season due to its high weight and moisture is less expensive than dried jujube in the market.
As you might know, fresh jujube can not be in stores and warehouses for a long time. Obviously, the quality of fresh fruit decreases when time passes.
Therefore, most of the fresh jujubes come to the market in the last two months of summer, ie August and September.
Of course, this period mostly depends on orchards of South Khorasan province.

You may be wondering if you have seen people selling fresh jujube in other seasons of the year in Iran.
These people usually mix their dried jujube with water and sell it fresh because it is more popular.
In fact, you buy dried jujube that the person has soaked.
So you also buy some water from the person at the price of jujube.

For longer shelf life, producers of Iranian Annab make them completely dry. Selling jujube as dried fruit is more common in the world market.
Dried jujube is available in all seasons due to its high durability.

High-Quality Iranian Annab Supply

High-Quality Iranian Annab Supply

There are various markets for high-quality and first-class jujube in the market.
The price of these jujubes is really higher in other countries in comparison with their price in the producer country (Iran).

The Artin jujube company tries to provide you with the best and highest quality products at the best prices.
Artin Jujube is available in different qualities and prices.
You must keep in mind that the price of jujube is completely dependent on its quality.

For information on the price of dried jujube in different qualities, you can contact the sales managers of the Artin collection.
In the next part, we will give you more information about the differences between different types of dried jujubes, their quality, and size, so that you can get a little more familiar with Iranian Annab.

Artin Iranian Annab Varieties and Qualities

Artin Iranian Annab Varieties and Qualities

One of the most important steps in the jujube production process is the jujube sorting process.
Here we want to examine some differences between jujubes that also determine their quality.

  1. At first, Jujubes that are larger in size are of higher quality and more expensive.
  2. Another feature of jujube with low quality is the number of wrinkles on it.
  3. Finally, The third characteristic of jujube’s quality is its minimal amount of pests.

According to these characteristics, jujubes fall into different categories.
These categories are from higher quality to lower quality, respectively.
Dried jujubes fall into 7 categories.

Grades of one to five are known as nut-size jujube.
Jujube grades seven and six are also known as medicinal or small-size jujube.
Nut-size Iranian Anaab is larger than medicinal Annab.

Medicinal Annab meanes the jujubes using for medicinal purposes

While medicinal jujubes are smaller in size and the amount of wrinkles on them is also high.
These jujubes have different prices. And also different jujubes are in use for different purposes.

Nut-size jujube is often more expensive than medicinal jujube.
Of course, among dried jujube nuts, we see different prices according to the quality indicators.
The sales managers of the Artin company are ready to respond to your requests and questions.

We hope that by consulting skilled people, we can take big steps in presenting this product to domestic and foreign consumers.

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