Iranian Barberries Price in Germany – Zereshk Wholesaler

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Barberries Price in Germany

Iranian Barberries Price in Germany – Zereshk Wholesaler

If you are searching to buy Iranian Zereshk from a wholesaler in EU, you need to know barberries price in Germany for the wholesale markets.

Barberry in Germany has many different uses, the main reason being the medicinal properties of this product.
The wholesale purchase price of barberries in this country depends on the type of barberry selected and also the order amount.

Puffy barberry and pomegranate seed barberry have the largest volume of exports from Iran to Germany.
Barberries Price in Germany depends on the prices declare by the main importers.

Iranian Barberries Introduction

Barberries Price in Germany

Iranian edible barberry is almost 200 years old and produces in southern Khorasan for a long time.

Barberry is a shrub resistant to heat, dehydration and adverse conditions in cold and dry regions of Iran.
In the last 25 years, the production of this product has flourished in South Khorasan province, so that in 2013-2016, the growth slope of production was such that the production in 2016 reached more than 19,000 tons.

This yield represents a growth of approximately 30% in seedless red barberries production.
According to the Economics of the East, the rate of production in the following years until 2019 and the forecast for 2020 estimates to be almost 10% growth per year.

This increase in production, along with the training of farmers, has caused the quality of the products produced to change.
This makes high quality barberry ready for market internationally.

Iranian Edible Barberries

Barberries Price in Germany

Barberry produce in the orchards of South Khorasan Province is all harvested from one type of shrub.
But since different methods are using to dry and process this product, dried barberries have different types.

The most important types of barberry produces in Gha’enat and Birjand are:

Puffy barberries
Pomegranate seed barberries
Ordinary barberries
Dark Barberries (Using to produce delicious fruit rolls)
Each of these types classify in different qualities based on the specified parameters.

High Quality Persian Zereshk Parameters

Barberries Price in Germany

There are several criteria for determining the quality of barberry or determining its quality.
These parameters are important to any Zereshk Wholesaler and Importer in Germany.

Some of these parameters can verify by appearance, and others must measure in food laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the University of Medical Sciences.

The most important criteria for measuring barberry’s quality:

  • Moisture percentage
  • Pest rate
  • Percentage of barberries with tail
  • Crushing and bruised rate

In the following, you will see an example of the analysis sheet of this product.

Barberries Price in GermanyIn standard 3337 (Iran’s Standard), which you can see in the picture, 14 parameters measure and examine.

Purchasing Barberries in Germany

Barberries Price in Germany

Barberry in Germany, as mentioned, uses for a variety of purposes.
Iranian barberries price in Germany depends on these types of consumption.

That’s why both pomegranate barberry and puffy type are available in the German market.

Barberry of Iranian pomegranate seeds in Germany is using in the pharmaceutical industry and also in the production of various beverages and snacks.

But puffy barberry is often using for packaging in chain stores as well as for cooking in Iranian, Afghan and Arabic restaurants.

Since puffy barberries has a light color and well-puffy seeds, it has a better appearance than pomegranate seed barberry.

But pomegranate seed barberry, because it has exactly the properties of other types of edible barberry without Iranian seeds, has been considered by pharmaceutical companies.

Some of these companies tend to provide barberry completely washed.
Since barberry washing is not common in Iran, but Artin barberry production factory performs this process for its customers in Germany with special conditions.

As you can see, barberries has many fans in Germany and this issue causes many traders to offer this original Iranian product in German markets along with their products.

How to Export Barberries from Iran to Germany

Barberries Price in Germany

Since barberry has a minimum moisture content and if it is less than this amount, it is brittle and unusable, barberry packaging is of great importance (moisture between 8 to 16%).

In this regard, barberry can not be placed in nylon because:
It sweats after a while and then changes in color and the possibility of pests in it increases.

On the other hand, barberry can not be placed directly in the carton because some regulatory agencies in Germany consider this to be against health guidelines.

In Artin production company, with the researches done in this field, we have reached the use of fabrics with special heating that allow air to pass through.
These packages have changed since 2016, and now in 2020, the best bulk packaging is used by Artin Barberry Collection for supply in export markets.

To send barberry, if we are in hot seasons of the year, reefer containers must use to send barberry cargo.

In non-hot days, if a land route is chosen for delivery, there is no need for a refrigerator. But if it sends via sea lines, a reefer container should use.

In other words, barberry is sensitive to two categories of heat and humidity. If it doesn’t store in favorable conditions, it will change state.

Iranian Barberries Price in Germany

Barberries Price in Germany

Once the type of barberry and its quality determines, it is time to buy barberry from production and commercial centers.

One of the most important parameters in any major purchase is the competitive and fair price of the product.

On the other hand, quality should not be sacrificed for price. In other words, quality material has its own price and it cannot be bought at a lower price unless some of its quality parameters are reduced.

Each of the quality criteria mentioned above, which can be seen in the laboratory analysis image, can affect the final price of the product.

On the other hand, due to price fluctuations in Iran, it is difficult to put the latest prices on websites.
But you can get all kinds of barberries prices from consultants and sales units. Do it by making a call or communicating through social networks in the shortest time.

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