Iranian Barberry Exporter | Iranian Organic Zereshk Wholesale

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Iranian Barberry Exporter | Iranian Organic Zereshk Wholesale

Iranian Barberry Exporter | Iranian Organic Zereshk Wholesale

If you are searching for an Iranian Barberry Exporter, The Artin company is a producer, wholesaler, and exporter of Iranian Organic Zereshk.

Who is the largest exporter of red barberry in Iran? Where is the Iranian organic barberry wholesale market?
To buy directly from these centers, what points should be under consideration to make a profitable business?

In this article, we try to provide you with the necessary information about barberry exporting companies. On the other hand, we get more familiar with the types of Iranian barberry (organic and non-organic varieties) and the countries that buy it.

All our efforts are that you have the necessary information to be able to export Iranian red barberry without kernels in high volume. It is to be cost-effective and in addition to attract the satisfaction of end customers.

Iranian Zereshk Production Center

Iranian Zereshk Production Center

Red barberry can be grown and produced in large volumes in certain regions of Iran due to climatic conditions. But there are various types of Barberries available in Iran, red barberry is one of them. Iranian red barberry is seedless, red, and it’s an edible variety.
But the point is that most Iranian barberries are edible and one of the main varieties of Berberis Vulgaris.

The largest area under cultivation and the largest producer of red barberry are in South Khorasan province. In this province, 3 products are available and under production professionally and strategically. And in addition to the markets inside Iran, they have many buyers in the export markets, which are:

Barberry / Saffron / Jujube

Other agricultural products such as pistachios and almonds are also available in the market of this province.

Various cities are active in the field of barberry production in the southernmost parts of Khorasan, but most of the area under cultivation of barberry orchards are in the two cities of QAEN and BIRJAND.

In this regard, if you are searching for an Iranian barberry exporter, you can find the biggest producers and wholesalers in this region of the country. But, the point is that a few numbers of these producers are exporters as well. But if you somehow find an exporter who is a producer as well, it means that you have a perfect supplier.

Artin Co. | An Iranian Organic Barberry Exporter

Artin Co. | An Iranian Organic Barberry Exporter

One of the companies active in the field of selling barberry for export from Iran is the Artin Barberry Production Company.

Barberry exporters in the province try to offer their best products in the markets of different countries, but it should be noted that a specific type of barberry is suitable for each country. On the other hand, the type of consumption and application of barberry in the market of the destination country is also effective in determining the quality and type of packaging.

For example, barberries that are for packaging and supply in chain stores are different from barberries that are for food factories to produce different sweets in terms of type, quality, moisture content, and packaging.

Obviously, Iranian Zereshk is not that common in other countries. But the main varieties of barberry have specific uses in the market.
In fact, in order to export/import barberry, it is necessary to select, sort, and process barberry with accurate information from the target market so that the best product can be ready according to that market.

Artin Barberry Varieties

Artin Company is a major exporter of the following types of red barberry throughout the year. These products are available in different qualities:

  1. Iranian Organic Barberries:
    • POFAKI Zereshk
  2. Iranian Non-Organic Barberries:
    • POFAKI Zereshk
    • Anari Zereshk

When we talk about different qualities, we mean some parameters that depend on appearance or they need laboratory measurements.
Some of the most important of these features are as below. In this article is not the opportunity to fully explain this issue, and in other articles on this website in this regard, details are available:

  • Barberry color
  • Barberry size
  • Uniformity of color and size
  • Moisture content
  • No foreign materials among the products

All these factors have a direct and important impact on determining the quality and then determining the price.

The Artin company as an Iranian barberry exporter can provide all the certificates and documents to you. Therefore you are easily able to do clearance in your country at the time of importing.

Purchasing Barberries at Competitive Prices

Purchasing Barberries at Competitive Prices

To know the price of various types of barberry with different qualities, it is necessary to first view the product samples and then announce the price. Because barberry can not be examined in any way from photos or videos.
Changing the ambient light causes a different fake appearance of the product.

Therefore, the suggestion of barberry market activists is that there should always be a sample load. But it should be borne in mind that barberry is an agricultural and horticultural product. Therefore it can not be expected that in high volume all products are exactly the same. But the total load and its quality must be in the same category and the standards of the products category.

To buy barberry directly at fair prices, depending on the quality of the product, you can contact the Artin barberry sales unit. To provide you with more complete information about available products.

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