Iranian Barberry Exporter to Turkey

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Iranian Barberry Exporter to Turkey

Iranian Barberry Exporter to Turkey

Export volume of Iranian berberis vulgaris to Turkey is very high in different types. But do you know what the Iranian Anari and Pofaki sarıçalı are used for in Turkey? Artinnuts is a well known barberry exporter to turkey.

More than 95% of Iranian barberry production is done in South Khorasan province.
The area under cultivation of Birjand and Qaynat towns as poles of barberry production is very high.
These areas have barberry shrubs over 40 years old. Which have a large volume of fruiting.

Barberry Exporter to Turkey

Barberry varieties

Barberry has several types, The most famous ones in botany are the following:

  • hawthorn Barberry
  • Barberry Zarafshani
  • Khorasani barberry
  • Barberry Right Cluster
  • Japanese Barberry

Different Barberry Types

Among the barberry (sarıçalı) varieties, only Khorasani barberry is an edible barberry and others are ornamental varieties.
Please notice that Khorasani barberry is the type that any barberry exporter to turkey uses.
In the following we give you more information about the characteristics of Khorasan Barberry.

Khorasani Barberry (Iranian)

Barberry in Iran is the only type of shrub that is known as “Khorasan Seedless Barberry”.
This red barberry has a green color in the spring and then turns yellow in summer. As we get closer to harvest in early fall, the barberry fruits turn orange and then turn red.

As you may know, barberry is dried in different ways after harvest.
If a barberry exporter to turkey introduce you different types of Iranian Zereshk, It’s because of the difference in drying methods.

Iranian Khorasani Barberry

The following barberries produce by different drying methods:

  1. Pofaki Barberry
  2. Anari Barberry

Export market of Iranian berberis vulgaris

Since the late 2016th, the Iranian barberry has become increasingly popular in world markets.
Initially, most Iranian, Arabic and Afghan stores operating in European and Asian countries offered this product. But after a few years, we are seeing increased sales in the international market.
Barberry and its healing properties have led many merchants to demand this high quality product.

Barberry Exporter to Turkey

The main customers of Iran Barberry are as the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Iraq
  • America
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Kuwait
  • Dubai
  • India
  • Italy
  • Spain

Although other countries also buy Iranian barberry, the largest volume of exports allocates to these countries.

Iranian Barberry Export to Turkey

One of the countries that buys Iranian barberry in considerable volume is Turkey.
Turkish customers know that Iranian barberry in turkey calls by different names such as:

  • Zereshk
  • Zereshg
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • sarıçalı

Businessmen active between Iran and Turkey know that Iranian barberry enters Turkey for two purposes:

  1. Barberry uses in sweets:

As you may be aware, Istanbul, as one of the major cities in Turkey, has numerous factories for the production of confectionery, in particular Lokum (Turkish Delight).
In addition, large stores in Turkey produce and distribute Lokum in the market. Both Anari and Pofaki barberry are using to produce Lokum (Turkish Delight). But we can hardly say that more than 90 percent of these buyers want to buy “Anari” barberry.

sarıçalı in Lokum

2. Barberry Re-export:

One of the purposes of barberry importers to Turkey is the export of Iranian barberry to European countries.
Iranian barberry has a lot of fans in different European countries as mentioned above.
Merchants ship this product from their home country to other European countries in bulk or in packages of their brands.
They are often used “Pofaki” barberry Because light color is very important for buyers of barberry in Europe.

Iranian Barberry Exporter

Parameters of Export-Oriented Barberry

Barberries must have characteristics in order to easily pass through the customs of Turkey and European countries and also to attract the attention of buyers in these countries.
These features are those specified in international organizations:

  • The moisture content
  • Percentage of foreign materials
  • Bruised rate
  • Tailed Percentage
  • Correct Packaging

There are a few things to consider about packing barberry in bulk.
Traditionally, the barberry is either poured directly into the carton or first poured into plastic and then placed into the carton.
These methods have two major drawbacks that are not approved by some countries:
1. Direct contact with food carton is not hygienic.
2. Putting the barberry in plastic causes the product to become black and live pests appears.

Artinnuts as a barberry exporter to turkey has introduced a new invention for barberry bulk packaging.
As you can see in the picture below, the barberry is first Putted in the fabric and then Putted in the carton.

Barberry Packaging

These fabrics were approved after several months of research on different fabrics of varying thicknesses.
In the last year, with the export of Iranian barberry in these packages for the first time to the world markets, we have been welcomed by buyers.

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