Iranian Barberry Exports to Germany

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Barberry Exports to Germany

Iranian Barberry Exports to Germany

Iranian barberry varieties vary, and the price of Iranian Berberitzen for export to Germany depends on many parameters. Any way, Iranian barberry exports to Germany in high quantities. But how to buy barberry directly from Iran and how to get this product to Germany?

Export Iranian Barberry to Germany is one of the most attractive businesses these days, according to the Economics News Agency of Iran. Although the price of exported berberis vulgaris to Germany is higher, many quality and parameters must be considered in the production process.

Germany is the main buyer of Iranian barberry from 2016 to 2019 years. The export statistics of this product, which is visible on the website of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, show that Iranian-German businessmen pay particular attention to Iranian barberry.

Edible barberry produced in Iran has different types that we introduce you in the following:

Iranian Barberry

Iran is known as the only producer and exporter of edible barberry in the world. The Iranian edible berbeis vulgaris has red and oval-shaped berries. This product is produced in South Khorasan province. The cities of Qaenat, Birjand, Darmiyan and Zirkuh have the highest area of ​​orchards.

Barberry Exports to Germany

Iranian barberry was originally used in Iranian shops and restaurants in various countries.
But as time went on and the product was introduced to various markets, customers became more aware of barberry varieties.
So that its usages in the global market are increasing day by day.

The most important applications of barberry is cooking food, syrup and beverage production, confectionery and Lokum production, and one of its other great applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Placing this product in Iranian shops and also producing various beverages are most common reasons that Iranian barberry exports to Germany.

Various Types of Dried Barberry

Barberry Exports to Germany

Fresh barberry is one type, but after harvest, when the product enters the drying process, the difference in the final barberry makes.

The method of producing dried barberries is different. Each of these stages has a specific timing, which is why different barberries are marketed at different times.

The most important dried barberries of Khorasan are:

  1. Anari Barberry
  2. Pofaki Barberry

Anari berberis vulgaris dries faster than other variety, and Pofaki berberis vulgaris requires more time to dry and lose moisture.

Different production methods make barberry more different in appearance than in any other case.
Two of these obvious features that are quite evident:

Iranian Barberry Price:

There are various parameters to determine the price of barberry, some of which must be carefully weighed for export to Germany.

The most important factors affecting the price of barberry are as follows:

  • Type of barberry
  • The amount of foreign material (tailed, pebbles, branches, leaves, etc.)
  • Moisture content
  • Package type
  • Delivery time

Iranian Barberry Exports to Germany

Barberry exports to Germany have almost boomed since 2015 and peaked in 2016 and 2017.

Of the various varieties, the largest volume of barberry exports to Germany (from Iran) belongs to Pofaki Barberry.
This is also due to the demand from merchants to buy berberitzen with light color and very low humidity (at least possible).

barberry exports to germany

Of course, not all barberries exported to Germany is Pofaki, as in some other uses of barberry, especially beverage production and drug production, is commonly using as Anari berberis vulgaris. But overall barberry exports to Germany in Pofaki type commonly.

Bulk Barberry Packing

For the export of barberry should note the type of packaging. Because German customs and customers are very sensitive to product health.
Because if you put the barberry in plastic cover, the product will sweat and discolor.
Barberry should not ship in plastic packages any way. On the other hand, if the berries are inserted into the carton without any cover and has direct contact with the carton, it is not sanitized by some customs.

In this regard, the Artin Barberry Company with the innovation of Barberry Packaging, using special fabrics, increases both the shelf life of the Barberry and obtaining the health approval.

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