Iranian Barberry FOB Price | Artin Zereshk Exporter

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Barberry FOB Price

Iranian Barberry FOB Price | Artin Zereshk Exporter

Barberry FOB price depends on the variety of barberry and also Iran’s wholesale market prices. The Artin company is a Zereshk exporter.

When you want to import Iranian barberry to your country, you can check the Ex-work, FOB, and CIF price by making direct contact with the sales and export department of the Artin Iranian Zereshk company.

Having a competitive price in this market can increase the volume of customers’ purchases.
The Artin Barberry Production Company sends barberries directly from Birjand (the production center in Iran) to Bandar Abbas port.
The FOB_Bandar.Abbas price would be the best price for the estimations of your business.

The Artin Zereshk company is an exporter of Iranian barberry that can give you the FOB and CIF prices.
In the following, we will fully examine these cases.

Iranian Barberry for Wholesale

Iranian Barberry for Wholesale

We usually see that many barberries are sending to Bandar Abbas port of Iran for exporting to other countries.
The export market of barberry is getting wider and wider. In fact, The markets get more familiar with this Iranian dried fruit over time.

There are two main varieties of dried barberries in the market. one of them is Anari and the other is Pofaki.
These are the Persian names of this product and you might see Iranian barberries in the market with other names such as:

  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Zereshk
  • Berberitzen
  • Epine Vinette

So, when you want to ask for an Iranian barberry FOB price, you need to determine the exact variety of this product.
Obviously, the price of the two varieties of barberries is different.

You only need the transportation cost to your destination country to estimate the final CIF price when you have the FOB price.
If you have the barberry’s FOB price at the port of Bandar Abbas, you can ship the product to the following countries easily:

  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Emirates
  • India
  • Qatar
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany

The point is that you have another route to send barberries to Germany and EU countries and that is road transportation.

In the next sections, we will give more information about the price and delivery of barberry, which is not without merit to know about them before buying different types of barberry.

Iranian Barberry FOB Price for Import

Iranian Barberry FOB Price for Import

The price of different types of barberries depends on several factors.
Below we will refer to some main factors that determine the price of barberry.

  1. Supply and demand in the market
  2. Seasonal shopping and important occasions

One of the factors that play an important role in changing the price of barberry is the occasions that we attend during the year.
For example, the price of barberry increases in the following cases:

  • Special days of the year
  • Season and time of purchase of barberry
  • Buy in different volumes

At certain times of the year, we see that the price of barberry is rising.
Nowruz and the return of pilgrims from the holy shrines can be included in this group.

The next option is the season and time to buy barberry.
It is clear that as we move away from the production season, the price of barberry will increase.
Another option is to determine the final price of the purchased barberry.

If the purchases are more than usual, the price of barberry will increase slightly.
There are other factors that affect the price of barberry, some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Barberry moisture
  2. Product color
  3. Pest rate
  4. The amount of ash
  5. The cleanliness of barberry
  6. The amount of waste in barberry

Anyway, for having a better view of importing barberry and its profit, you can check the following barberry FOB price (Bandar. Abbas Port) history:

  • Regular barberry – (2019): 5 to 6 USD/Kg
  • Organic Barberry – (2019): 8 to 9 USD/Kg
  • Regular barberry – (2020): 2 to 3 USD/Kg (Corona Virus Spread)
  • Organic Barberry – (2020): 6 to 7 USD/Kg (Corona Virus Spread)
  • Regular barberry – (2021): 2.5 to 3.5 USD/Kg
  • Organic Barberry – (2021): 6 to 7 USD/Kg

Iranian Barberry Producer and Exporter

Iranian Barberry Producer and Exporter

The Artin company is one of the collections that produces and sells barberry.
The features of this company include the following:

  1. At first, Due to the production and processing of barberry, this collection can provide the barberry you need with the best quality.
  2. Secondly, Due to the integration of production and sales in this collection, you can buy your desired products at the best price.

So you can buy the highest quality barberries at the lowest price in comparison with the market.

Artin collection sales consultants can also help you in this matter.
By contacting the consultants of the collection, you can prepare and market the best barberries according to the needs of the market.
By the way, you can visit the Artin Persian Website.

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