Iranian Barberry in Qatar | Zereshk for Doha

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Iranian Barberry in Qatar | Zereshk for Doha

Iranian Barberry in Qatar | Zereshk for Doha

Iranian Barberry in Qatar and Saudi Arabia is of interest and the Artin company sells Zereshk for Doha and Riyadh in bulk.

Puffy barberry is the most common variety of Iranian Zereshk for export from Iran to Qatar.
Iranian puffy shape barberry is more popular than other varieties due to its bright color.

Of course, it is not the case that other Iranian barberry varieties are not sent to Qatar at all, but the volume of orders is less.
Some chocolate and ice cream factories prefer to use pomegranate barberry because it is juicier.
On the other hand, the price of puffy barberry is more expensive than Persian ANARI Zereshk.

Barberry Varieties for Qatar

Barberry Varieties for QatarThe largest producer of barberry in Iran is South Khorasan Province.
More than 97% of red barberry production belongs to this province from Iran.

In this region of the country, dried barberry is available in the market in 2 general varieties:

  1. Puffy Barberry
  2. Anari Barberry

These types of barberry are different from each other in appearance.

Iranian Anari Zereshk has a dark red color.
But puffy barberry has a light red color and a lower moisture content.

According to the type of market needs in the destination country, the product is selected for shipment.
If they are using barberry to produce other foods such as chocolate, ice cream, beverages, and etc., the best barberry because of its juiciness is ANARI barberry.
But if we intend to export barberry for supply through chain stores, POFAKI (Puffy) barberry is the best option.

Iranian Pofaki Zereshk has a longer shelf life due to its lower moisture content in packaging.

Apart from the type of barberry, its size is also important for the countries bordering the Persian Gulf.
In fact, the larger the product, the easier the sales process in these countries.

So, Iranian puffy barberry is more of interest in the market of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Obviously, you can find this variety in Doha’s market easily especially in Iranian shops.

Iranian Barberry Wholesale Center for Qatar

Iranian Barberry Wholesale Center for QatarAs in the previous section, the center of barberry production is in eastern Iran.
In different cities of South Khorasan province, different production units are processing different types of barberry.
However, a limited number of industrial units are active in the production and processing of export-quality barberry.

In the processing of export-quality barberry, more care must be taken because the proposed standards must be observed.
For example, some of the laboratory parameters are the percentage of ash, the amount of moisture, the presence of foreign substances, and 11 other parameters. Which should be tested by the technical expert of the collection before sending the cargo.

The Artin Barberry Production Company is one of the companies active in the field of barberry export.
This company is in Khorasan province and specializes in this field.
The resume and volume of orders of this collection have been the reason for its success in recent years.

Fortunately, in recent years, this company has also added organic barberry to its products.
This product is available for some specific countries.
If you are willing to buy Iranian organic barberry for Qatar, you can make direct contact with the Artin company right now by clicking on the image below:

Call us nowOur partners are ready to introduce the best products to you according to the needs of your target market.

Artin Barberry Prices

Artin Barberry PricesHaving a competitive price in barberry imports/exports can help buyers and sellers a lot.
Because due to the high volume of orders, the amount of liquidity is provided by the seller.
On the other hand, the buyer with a higher profit percentage can offer the product in the market of the destination country.

To have a product with a reasonable price, we must be careful that the quality of the product does not change.
Since barberry is an agricultural product, there is a possibility of quality changes in the load at the time of delivery.
For this reason, communication with reputable units is one of the most reassuring ways in this direction.

By specifying the following, you can receive the daily price of your desired barberry for export to Qatar or other countries from our partners as soon as possible:

  • Destination country
  • Type of barberry requested (POFAKI or ANARI)
  • Order volume
  • Package type
  • Delivery time

We hope we can start a good cooperation with you.

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