Iranian Barberry & Jujube for Sale

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Iranian Barberry Jujube

Iranian Barberry & Jujube for Sale

Iranian Barberry & Jujube are widely trading for sale due to their high quality and well-known domestic and foreign markets. The production hub of these two products are Birjand and Qaenat cities in South Khorasan province of Iran.

Jujabe and barberry are two major products of Iran with low prices and good profit in international markets.
Jujube is also one of the dried fruits of this region uses to export, which has recently been highly welcomed by domestic and foreign customers considering its nutritional and medicinal value.
Like barberry fruit, jujube is also using in both fresh an dried for sale.

Barberry Wholesale and Production

Barberry Wholesale

As mentioned above, the main production center of dried barberry varieties in Iran is South Khorasan province.
South Khorasan produces pomegranate seed (Anari) and puffy seed (Pofaki) barberries.

Of course other types are also producing, but most of these are related to these two main types.
These barberry varieties are different in appearance so that pomegranate seed (ANARI) barberry is darker than puffy (POFAKI) barberry.
In fact, it’s better to say that Pofaki Barberry is lighter that all the other types of this product.

Or other barberry attributes refer to the puffiness / crushing of the seeds.
Seeds are completely bloated in pofaki variety, but in pomegranate barberry the bruised percentage is higher.
Due to different methods of drying barberry, these varieties produces with these characteristics.
The process of pofaki barberry production is longer than other barberry varieties.

If you want to buy Iranian Barberry and Jujube, First of all, you need to know their names in different markets:

  • Jujube:
    • Red Date
    • Jujube
    • Anab or Onab
    • Ziziphus Fruit
  • Barberry:
    • Berberis Vulgaris
    • Zereshk, Zeresht or Zereshg

Jujube Wholesale and Production

Jujube Wholesale

Jujube is producing in Eastern cities of Iran specially birjand, so that in these areas some farmers alone produce more than 80 tons of dried jujube.

South Khorasan jujube varies according to growing area as well as climate in terms of taste but in the market it is more based on size as well as wrinkle on their skin.

In addition to its medicinal uses, the Iranian jujube also uses as nuts and high volumes of smooth skin and coarse jujube are useing for nuts or regular consumption.

Buy Iranian Barberry & Jujube

Iranian Barberry Jujube

Active producers of barberry and jujube in Iran are working to sell varieties of barberry and jujube in bulk throughout the country by creating websites and linking through social networks.

The non in-person purchase of these types of products from reputable and reliable manufacturers reduces shipping costs, storage conditions, and wholesalers around the country order as much as they need and order in a timely manner.

For more information and the day price of barberry and jujube varieties you can now contact sales consultants at Artin Factory.

We export to other countries directly from Iran with low prices and in short time of delivery.

India, Canada, South Korea and many Arabian countries are the main buyers of Iranian Barberry and Jujube.

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