Iranian Barberry Online Sale Website

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Barberry Online Sale

Iranian Barberry Online Sale Website

There are a lot of markets selling barberries. is an Iranian barberry online sale website for export/import directly from Iran to your country.

Buy major types of barberry, including puffy (POFAKI) and pomegranate seeds (ANARI), through the Artin barberry site.
All products of this collection are sending directly from South Khorasan province.

The daily price of the products will inform weekly by the sales unit.
In fact, the Artin website is a barberry online sale center for bulk and large quantities.

Iranian Dried Barberries’ Varieties

Dried Barberries' Varieties

Puffy barberry and pomegranate seed barberry have the highest amount of production in South Khorasan province (Iran).
These types of barberry are the best-selling barberries in markets inside and outside Iran.
Other types of barberry are not that well known or have special uses.

Puffy or POFAKI barberry has a better appearance in terms of color and amount of puffy shape, and therefore its price is more expensive than other types.
But pomegranate or ANARI barberry is one of the common and cheap varieties that has a very high sales volume.

Each of these types in the export markets also has its own special fan.
Which, of course, has a lot to do with the type of application and consumption in the target country.

For this reason, most traders and merchants for barberry exports first closely monitor the target country’s market.

After the necessary reviews and marketing, they make the bulk purchase of the product.

Here, if the barberry online sale is possible, you can only check your market and place your order. And then wait for your cargo to reach your destination port.

Khorasan Zereshk Production

Khorasan Zereshk Production

Everyone knows that the center of Iranian barberry production in southern Khorasan is large.

Qa’enat and Birjand cities are known as the cradle of barberry and saffron production in the world.
In these different cities of South Khorasan province, barberries are producing and marketing in high volumes and in different qualities.
In this province, many production units are processing barberry.

Barberry is one of the agricultural products on which the final load processes take place after drying.
The most important and main things that are doing on dried barberries to be ready for distribution in the market are:

  • Branch and tail separation
  • Leaf picking
  • Removing thorns
  • Removing sands and any foreign materials
  • Washing barberries by water and oil

After performing these steps, manual sorting usually performs so that the items that pass through the device completely separate from the main load.

The product then packages in bulk or in small packages.

Iranian Dried Barberry Online Sale Website

Barberry Online Sale

One of the reference sites for the direct purchase of barberry from the cities of Khorasan province is the website of Artin Production Company.

This company with a long history in horticulture, production, packaging, sales, and export of barberry, is well known in the market.

In addition to the markets of different provinces and cities of Iran, the products of this factory are also selling in significant volumes in export markets.
All production processes from zero to 100 in this company are performing by experienced personnel.

As you are aware, the supply season of Persian Zereshk varieties – pomegranate seeds, and puffy – is different.
But the production team, in coordination with the sales team in Artin Co., try to make these products ready for customers throughout the year.
Because of some consumers of barberry use only certain types that should be available throughout the year.

On the other hand, some public or private organizations expect to receive a product from the company by concluding annual contracts.

Premium Quality Persian Barberry Online Sale Price

Barberry Online Sale

The price of barberry determines according to supply and demand conditions.

At some periods of time when barberry exports are rising and demand is high, barberry prices often go up.

But in some periods of time, such as the barberry harvest season or the time of preparation of puffy barberry, the price of products is accompanied by a slight drop or in some years a sharp decline.
On certain days, such as Muharram or the return of pilgrims from Mecca, the demand for the product increases and, consequently, the price of barberry rises.

But there are exceptions, and in the 2020 year, we saw a sharp drop in prices in Muharram due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus.

According to these issues, the sales unit of the Artin collection is ready to provide you with up-to-date prices for the purchase of major types of barberry by phone or on social networks.

Be sure to ask our partners before buying the order to buy bulk types of barberry to first see the product images and, if necessary, barberry samples, and then proceed to purchase.

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