Iranian Barberry Powder Bulk Buy/Sell

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Iranian Barberry Powder

Iranian Barberry Powder Bulk Buy/Sell

Iranian Barberry Powder has an awesome taste and red color using as a good essence and spice. Here you can buy/sell barberries in bulk.

Barberry powder of South Khorasan is one of the best food flavorings.
You can buy this product in bulk from the Artin Iranian Barberry Powder Website.

As you know, the best barberry in Iran is in the south of Greater Khorasan province.
Barberry has various products, one of the most important of which is red barberry powder.
More detailed information in this regard will be provided to you in the following.

If you are willing to know more about the Artin barberry company in Iran, you can visit the Artin Persian Website.

Iranian Barberry Powder Medicinal Properties

ranian Barberry Powder

Barberry is a product that has many medicinal properties.
In addition to barberry fruit, its leaves, roots, and barks are also in use to treat various diseases.

The most important and main healing properties of Iranian Zereshk are as follows:

  1. Barberry has anti-cancer properties.
  2. The antibiotic properties of barberry are of interest to many pharmaceutical companies.
  3. Barberry is rich in vitamin C and has laxative properties.
  4. It is in use to treat kidney stones.
  5. Improving indigestion and treating diarrhea are other properties of barberries.
  6. Reduces blood pressure and fever.

These are some of the properties of seedless red barberry.
The barberry family is very broad but a limited number are known as edible barberry.

The two main types of this product are available only in Iran.
Iranian red barberry is the most important and main type of edible barberry in the world.
The main center of red barberry production in Iran is South Khorasan province.
This area is the main center of Iranian Saffron production as well.

Artin Barberry Powder Applications

Artin Barberry Powder

Barberry is in use both dried and powdered.
But its powder is more popular because it has a longer shelf life and is easier to use.

Here are the most common uses of barberry:

These diverse and numerous applications make barberry powder to be of interest to various food factories.

In this regard, the Artin Persian Zereshk company, which is active in the field of horticulture, production, and processing of barberry for many years, decided to supply barberry powder with the best quality and fair price in the market.
The products of this industrial unit are without additives.
In other words, the barberry powder you buy is 100% pure barberry.

Artin barberry powder is available in bulk in the market.
You can buy Iranian barberry powder in your country directly from Iran. By the way, you can sell your barberry products to this company as well.

Sell/Buy Zereshk Powder in Bulk

Zereshk Powder in Bulk

The price of barberry powder depends on various parameters.
The most important criterion for determining the price of powder is the price of barberry that is in use for this purpose.

Given that the best quality of barberry must be in use for powdering and pulverizing, one cannot expect the price of the powder to be cheap.
But our effort in the Artin Barberry Powder company in the South Khorasan Province of Iran is to provide this product at a fair price.

On the other hand, barberry price changes are high in some months of the year.
For this reason, prices will be updated on a monthly basis at Artin Barberry Powder Company.

In this regard, if you want to buy this product, you can get the daily price list of South Khorasan barberry powder from our sales experts.
There are several communication channels available on the website that you can use.
Also, if you wish, you can complete the forms available on the website and wait for the call of our colleagues.

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