Iranian Barberry Purchase Daily Price

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Iranian Barberry Purchase

Iranian Barberry Purchase Daily Price

Iranian barberry purchase price depends on Iran’s domestic market and getting contact with Iranian berberis vulgaris suppliers is necessary to have barberry’s daily prices.
Iran is the largest producer of edible red barberry in the world.

Iran’s barberry has been well received in world markets due to its special taste of sour.
Iranian barberry purchase and wholesale as a raw material for other products is common.
Also, You might see many various barberry beverages in the market.

In the following we will review the varieties of Iranian barberry (Zereshk in Persian) in brief.

Different Types of Iranian Barberry Productions

Iranian Barberry Varieties

As the largest producer of edible barberry, Iran sells dried barberry in various markets.
These dried barberries have different production methods that differ in terms of time of production and processing.

These differences in production make these products look different and their target market is different.

  • Pofaki Barberry:

    This type of barberry has much less moisture than other types of barberry (though it depends on the processing time).
    The color of pofaki barberry is lighter than other types of barberry and its berries are completely puffy.
    Iranian Pofaki Barberry prices to purchase in bulk directly from Iran usually  get down in February.
    In fact, The pick time of the POFAKI barberry production is in February.

Although the price of POFAKI barberry is more expensive than other varieties, many German, Canadian, Australian, Swedish, etc. traders prefer to buy this product.
The reason is because of the low humidity, pofaki barberry is easier to clean and sort.
If you are using barberry for your foodstuffs, Light and Bright color of barberry would be important to you.

  • Anari Barberry:

    The production process of Anari barberry takes less than a month after harvesting.
    As this type of barberry drys by direct sunlight, its color turns to dark red.
    “Pomegranate Seed” is the other name of Anari barberry. As a matter of fact, Pomegranate seed is the literal meaning of its Persian name “Dane Anari”.

Pomegranate seed (Anari) barberry is cheaper than pofaki type and therefore it is using more in Iran and some neighboring countries. Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Turkey are the main buyers of pomegranate seed berberis vulgaris.

Iranian Barberry Purchase

Special attention should pay to product quality when purchasing barberry to import. Some parameters are very important for customers in destination countries.
For this reason, processing of barberry should be more precise.

Iranian Barberry Purchase

Some of the most important features that should consider in the export and import of barberry are as follows:

  • Foreign Materials in the load:
    One of the most important quality parameters in barberry loads (for import) is the cleanliness of the load.
    Seeds, bushes or even hair between barberry fruits are some of the issues that some manufacturers do not pay enough attention to export.
  • Barberry uniformity:
    Another feature of a good exported barberry is that the barberry is uniform and does not mix the barberry varieties together.
    Unfortunately, some barberry workshops and factories mix to adjust the price of two or three barberry varieties to make a bargain price with the customer.
  • Percentage of Moisture:
    For some customers, the percentage of barberry moisture is very important significantly. Barberries in Iran’s domestic market usually have very high moisture (%21-%23).
    Factories that produce export oriented barberry and are familiar with the market of other countries do their best to keep barberry moisture below the standard (17%).
  • Packing:
    In the packaging of barberry it should be noted that barberry is not confined, not at all.
    In this case the barberry will sweat (Loosing Humidity) and change color after a while and in the long run will become full of pests and mold.
  • Barberry Shipping:
    When transporting long-haul or shipping routes where ambient humidity is high, reefer containers must use to reach the destination country without problems. Not only the humidity makes problems, but also the hot weather on the sea in the summer cause deep problems.

Uses of Iranian Red Barberry

Iranian Barberry Uses

Iranian Red Barberry has many medicinal properties. For this reason it is using as a raw material in other products specially for herbal medicines.

Some uses of edible barberry are as follows:

  • Use barberry in cooking
  • The use of barberry in the production of confectionery
  • Also The use of barberry in the production of beverages
  • Use of barberry and barberry root in drug production
  • Use of barberry for tobacco production as well

These variation in the use of barberry causes the consumption of barberry to increase significantly.
Given these points, Iranian barberry is being exported to other countries in significant volumes since 93.

You can also contact the sales managers of Artin Production factory if you are planning to buy varieties of barberry directly from Iran.

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