Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Sale

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Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Sale

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Sale

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Sale amounts are really increasing day by day. In fact, there are many uses and consumptions for Iranian barberries.

Iranian high-quality Berberis Vulgaris is selling in high volume in the market inside and outside Iran.
Khorasan sorted and uniform puffy barberry has a lot of fans in export markets.

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Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Varieties

Berberis Vulgaris Varieties

Khorasan Province is one of the main centers for the sale of Persian barberry.
Khorasan Berberis Vulgaris Market is one of the influential markets in determining the price of barberry in Iran.
Obviously, In this market, many sellers operate on a fee basis.

But in the meantime, some manufacturers also offer their products directly in this market.
The most important types of high-quality Iranian Berberis Vulgaris for sale are the followings:

  • Pofaki Barberry (Iranian Puffy Shape Berberis Vulgaris is the best quality for sale in EU)
  • Pomegranate Seed Barberry
  • Black Barberry
  • Also Dark Barberry (Using to produce some fruit rolls)

These types of barberry are available at different prices and with different qualities in the barberry wholesale market of Iran.
But as you know for sure, the center of production and processing of Iranian barberry is in South Khorasan province.

Various cities in the province have started to produce barberry, the most well-known of which are as follows:

  1. Birjand
  2. Qa’en
  3. Zirkouh
  4. Also Ariyanshahr

In the first two cities, many production and industrial units are processing barberry.
Most of the export volume of this product is doing through these production units.

Iranian High-Quality Berberis Vulgaris Sale

Iranian Berberis Vulgaris Sale

The high-quality barberry of Iran is selling in the market for a certain period of time.

Although the barberry harvest season starts every year from September, the dried puffy barberry is ready to enter the market from February.
The reason for this delay is the processing and drying time on Persian Pofaki Zereshk, which takes between 4 to 5 months.

In other words, high-quality Iranian Berberis Vulgaris can be prepared for sale from February and March every year.
Of course, the remarkable point is that high-quality and first-class loads will be available until August and September next year.

Khorasan high-quality Pofaki barberry has some features:

  1. Light color
  2. The puffy shape
  3. Low moisture percentage
  4. Non-adhesion of berries
  5. No foreign materials including thorns and sand

All these causes puffy barberry to use for export in addition to good sales in the domestic market of Iran.

In the following, we will tell you more about barberries export.

Iranian Barberries Export Markets

Iranian Barberries Export Markets

Iran is the largest producer of edible red barberry.
Iranian red barberry harvest from short and thorny shrubs and there are no seeds inside its fruit.
Not only these kernels are in red, but also there is no seeds inside.

But Iranian blackberry barberry, which grows in the highlands, has a seed and its production volume is very small.
Iranian barberry is very popular in the world market.

Each of these barberries is in demand in some countries.
For example, pomegranate seed barberry is in great demand in Russia and the puffy type is in great demand in the Canadian market.

The most important export destinations of Iranian barberry are:

  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Ukraine
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Australia
  • Also Turkey

Merchants and traders in each of these countries often place orders for a particular type of barberry according to their market needs.
Of course, export-quality barberry must have certain characteristics and parameters, which we will describe in the following.

Artin Iranian Zereshk

Artin Iranian Zereshk

Artin Barberry Production company is one of the specialized activists in the field of barberry export.
One of the advantages of this collection is doing all the work of gardening, processing, sorting, and packing barberry.

This company has several active workshops in rural areas of South Khorasan province.

In this company, in addition to special export packaging, the barberry product itself is producing and processing in accordance with defined standards.

The most important and main parameters of export-quality barberry are as follows:

  • Load uniformity of shape and color
  • No tails on the barberries
  • Completely sorted
  • Standard moisture percentage
  • Having product pesticides analysis
  • Also Suitable Packaging

Some of these parameters have defined percentages.

Some of these can be measured manually and others must be measured by barberry food laboratories.

In this collection, for packaging barberry, fabric packages with special thickness are using, which has 4 main reasons:

  • No barberry sweat in the carton
  • Prevent barberry discoloration
  • No direct contact of the product with the carton
  • also, Increase the shelf life of barberry

To receive pictures of export packages, you can contact sales experts through the WhatsApp contact number.

additionally, the daily price of products of different qualities will be provided to you by the same unit.

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