Iranian Classy Barberries | Artin Dried Zereshk Fruit

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Iranian Classy Barberries | Artin Dried Zereshk Fruit

Iranian Classy Barberries | Artin Dried Zereshk Fruit

Iranian Classy Barberries are a perfect spice using to produce various products. The Artin company is a producer of dried Zereshk in Iran.

How much is the price of each kilogram of dried barberry fruit of Iran in wholesale markets?
What parameters have the greatest impact on the price of barberry?
How can we buy Iranian classy barberries directly from producers in Iran? Is there any exporter who is the producer of Iranian dried Zereshk fruit as well?

To get the answers to these questions, we need to know more about the production center and wholesale markets.
Then we will examine the features and criteria that affect the price.

Follow this article to know more about this product and its prices and wholesale market.

Iranian Dried Zereshk Fruit Production Center

Iranian Dried Zereshk Fruit Production Center

Barberry has different types of edible and non-edible varieties.
In fact, Iran is the only producer of edible red barberry in the world.

Black barberry grows in mountainous areas of some countries but is not in large quantities.
The best region in terms of climate for barberry production is in the south of the Khorasan province of Iran.

The cities of Birjand and Gha’en, which are the world’s leading saffron producers, are also the market leaders in the production of barberry.
Barberry in this area is the main type and with different drying methods, we see various types of dried barberries in different qualities.
Iranian Classy Barberries are in fact the result of a good drying procedure

The main supplying and producing centers of Iranian dried Zereshk fruit are:

  1. Birjand Bazaar (production units and wholesalers)
  2. Qaen (production center)
  3. Mashhad (wholesalers)
  4. Tehran (brokers and intermediary exporters)

Most barberry sales in Iran are made through the above wholesale markets.
You might see perfect enhances and in fact booming in the market of Iranian classy barberries in near future.
This factor encourages farmers to try to produce more and better quality red barberry fruits.

Quality Parameters of Barberry Effective on Price

Quality Parameters of Barberry Effective on Price

The first and most important criterion for buying barberry, which is also effective in price, is the quality of barberry.
There are different criteria for distinguishing the quality of barberry varieties.

The main features to determine the quality of barberry are as follows:

  1. Barberry color
  2. Uniformity of size and color
  3. Moisture content
  4. Barberries size
  5. Absence of foreign materials (tail, razor, and…)
  6. Packaging
  7. Finally, Taste and freshness

There are some parameters that are more important at the time of export.
In the following, we will examine other factors affecting the price.

Another factor is the demand and supply of barberry in the market.
In some periods when exports increase and on the other hand on some occasions such as Hajj or Muharram demand is very high.
This raises prices in the wholesale market. In fact, the price of Iranian dried Zereshk is completely dependent on the domestic market of Iran.

On the other hand, during the harvest season, when the supply in the market increases, there are very good competitive prices in the production area.
In addition to all these items, the amount of order and the type of barberry also affect the price.

Iranian Classy Barberries Price

Iranian Classy Barberries Price

According to the above, the exact price of each type can not be listed on the website.
But in order to have an overview of the market situation, you can consider the following prices:

  • POFAKI Barberry, Iranian Classy Barberries with super quality: 4 Euro/Kg (FOB_B.Abbas, Iran)
  • POFAKI Barberry, Normal Quality: 3.5 Euro/Kg (FOB_B.Abbas, Iran)
  • ANARI Barberry, Normal Quality: 3 Euro/Kg (FOB_B.Abbas, Iran)
  • Organic Barberry: 5 Euro/Kg (FOB_B.Abbas, Iran)

In this list, we have tried to present the prices of first-class products with normal packaging.
If you need the product for export, or you want a special type of packaging, you can contact the sales department of Artin Barberry Company.

In this unit, all the necessary information about the bulk purchase and export of barberry will be ready to you.

Export/Import of Iranian Classy Barberries

Export/Import of Iranian Classy Barberries

As you know, Iranian barberry has many customers in global markets in recent years.
This product was first distributed through Iranian, Arabic, and Afghan stores in the markets of other countries.

But people in other countries are also gradually getting familiar with this product.
In such a way that barberry is offering in a healthy and organic way in different markets at good prices.

The exporters of barberry in the Khorasan Province that are producers as well are not that numerous.
Because for export, barberry must be in accordance with health analyzes. In fact, these health analyses are not the thing that every company provides easily.

For more information, you can contact the Artin Barberry Commercial Unit.
Meanwhile, the price of each kilogram of export-quality barberry is according to the type and quality.
Also, the place of delivery and the type of packaging also affects the price.

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