Iranian Classy Barberry Sell and Buy Market

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Iranian Classy Barberry

Iranian Classy Barberry Sell and Buy Market

Iranian Classy Barberry is using to sell and buy in the export market. Iran is the exporter and Germany, Canada, Australia and America are the main importers of Persian Zereshk.

Birjand, Qa’en and Mashhad are the largest wholesale markets for barberry in Iran.
One of the best options for buying barberry in bulk is to contact the activists in these markets.

Of course, the barberry wholesale market in Tehran is also one of the determining markets, especially for customers that doesn’t know where to buy Iranian Classy Barberry from the producers.
But the closer we get to the production center, the better the terms of purchase in terms of quality and price.

Iranian Classy Barberry

Iranian Classy Barberry

South Khorasan is the largest producer of edible barberry in the world.
More than 98% of the products of Persian Zereshk are producing in the orchards of the Southern Khorasan province.

In Birjand and Qa’enat counties, along with saffron cultivation, a significant volume of orchards are under cultivation of barberry varieties.
The edible-red barberry of this region is seedless and is marketing both fresh and dried.
Fresh barberry is to sell as a fresh fruit that many factories buy it to produce various drinks, sweets (candies) or Jams.
Dried barberry using to cook delicious foods in many restaurants in Iran.

The most important types of red-edible barberry after harvesting and drying in Iran are:

  1. Puffy or POFAKI barberry
  2. Pomegranate seed or ANARI barberry

Each of these types has its own production and processing process.
The time of production of different types of barberry is different and this is the reason for offering each of them in specific time periods.

In addition to the domestic market, dried barberry has a wide target market around the world.
Germany, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and America are major buyers of Iranian barberry.

Barberry Sell and Buy Market

Barberry Sell Buy

Many wholesale markets across Iran are distributing barberry varieties.

Of course, given the distance dimension, this is an advantage for some cities.
But for bulk purchase, or distribution in other countries, or the import of barberry, you should looking for it in the main centers.
If we want to introduce the most important major barberry distribution markets in order, they are:

  • Birjand Wholesale Market (Workshops and Production Factories)
  • Qa’en wholesale market (workshops and manufacturing plants)
  • Mashhad sell and buy market (representative of factories or sales offices)

Buying from any of these centers can greatly reduce the risk of this business.
This will clearly show itself in both quality and price.

Recognition of Iranian Classy Barberry:

Iranian Best Barberry

There are many parameters to determine the quality of dried barberry.
Some of these features can explore with a few simple tests.

But the physico-chemical and residual toxins must measure in laboratories approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the University of Medical Sciences (This is the procedure in Iran as the exporter of Berberis Vulgaris).

The most important parameters for buying dried barberry are:

  • The amount of foreign matter
  • Percentage of tails
  • Humidity and moisture content
  • Looking of the load (If the load is mixture of other types)
  • The amount of ash
  • Pesticides
  • Percentage of nitrate

Of course, many of the above are not considerable for domestic loads.
However, in exporting and importing, especially to Germany, Canada and Ukraine, all parameters are measured to obtain a Health Certificate for shipment.

For more detailed information on exports, be sure to contact your consultants at Artin Production Company.

Artin Barberry Production in Iran

Artin Barberry Production

Artin barberry factory, which in addition to distributing barberry in the Iranian market, has also had a hand in the export of this product, So far, exported its products to more than 26 countries all around the world.

Various feedbacks were taken from these markets in the early years so that the product could reach customers in all international markets with better quality and in the right packaging.

The main center of this factory is in Southern of Khorasan region and the processing and maintenance of products is done in Birjand city.
The Office of Sales and Commerce of this production complex is also located in Mashhad and is responsible for our dear customers.

You can contact sales experts for more information and to get the latest product prices.

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