Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter Factory and Company

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Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter

Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter Factory and Company

Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter Factory and Company is not that easy to find because barberry fruit is not that known in the market.

Barberry export trading companies are active in Mashhad, Iran. There are not several exporters in Iran producing dried barberries.
If these companies are also active in the field of production and processing, their main activity is in South Khorasan province.

Since it is easier to do customs and obtain certificates in Mashhad, the focus of commercial affairs is in the city of Mashhad.
The Artin Barberry Production Factory is one of the exporters of seedless red barberry in Iran.
In this article, we will explain various explanations about this collection and barberry export.

Artin, Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter

Iranian Dried Barberries Exporter

The Artin Company is well known as one of the activists in the field of barberry in the market of Khorasan province.
In this set, all the following processes are available in full:

  • Barberry sorting and cleaning machine (production)
  • Packaging (bulk and small)
  • Domestic and international transport
  • Perform customs formalities
  • Obtaining the necessary certificates for export

Dried barberries in this collection are seedless and are selling in bulk.
To export barberry, it is necessary to perform some processes differently from the barberry offered in the domestic market of Iran.

The Artin Company specializes in the production and export of barberry.
In this collection, barberries are packaging in bulk packages in the form of nano-fabric bags.
In this way, in addition to increasing the shelf life of products, there will be no health problems in the transportation of goods.

Also, if the carton is torn, the fabric will prevent the product from spilling.

Iranian Export-Quality Dried Barberries

Export-Quality Dried Barberries

Barberry exporters in Iran often do business in a shorter time due to their proximity to customs.

The Artin production company, which is in South Khorasan province, needs to be present in Mashhad.
For this reason, the commercial office of the company in Mashhad started its activities in 2013.

The most important Iranian barberries that are available in bulk are:

  • PUFFY Barberries
  • ANARI Barberries

The Artin company as an Iranian dried barberry exporter present both varieties of barberry with different qualities.

Each of these types has its own customers in the market.
For example, the largest volume of barberry exports to Turkey is for ANARI barberry.
While for exporting barberry to Germany and Canada, PUFFY barberry is more common because of its lighter color.
Each of the global markets chooses one of the main types of barberry according to the type of barberry consumption.

Both types of barberry are edible but slightly different in appearance.

First Class Barberry Wholesale

First Class Barberry Wholesale

When buying and selling barberry, you should be familiar with the quality determination parameters.
The most important and main parameters to determine the quality of barberry are as below.

  1. Color and appearance of the product
  2. Load quality grade (small or large grains)
  3. The amount of moisture
  4. Cleanliness and sorting (absence of foreign materials such as razor, tail, leaves, etc.)
  5. Proper packaging
  6. Tasty and fresh
  7. The amount of puffiness (in puffy barberry)
  8. Percentage of crushing and damage

Some parameters such as pesticide analysis and parameters such as ash content, mold test, and etc, should be performed by food laboratories.
For export to some countries, it is necessary to obtain a health certificate for barberry consignment.
This certificate is one of the certificates that the Food and Drug Administration issue, which is under the supervision of the University of Medical Sciences, by the Barberry Exporting Company in Mashhad.

To receive this certificate, if the cargo is in bulk, sampling is enough and the certificate will be ready after sealing.
Upon approval and issuance of a health certificate, the entire shipment will receive a shipping permit.

Other documents such as phytosanitary certificate and certificate of origin must be ready to the buyer for clearance in the destination country along with other documents.


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