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Iranian Dried Barberries Factory

Iranian Dried Barberries Factory | Artin Zereshk

Dried Barberries Factory has not any complicated drying procedures. The Artin factory’s Iranian Zereshk is an organic spice and dried fruit.

There are many drying workshops active in the south Khorasan province of Iran processing barberries.

There is no special process to do. It’s all about how to dry barberries. In fact, this drying procedure makes puffy-shaped or pomegranate-seed-shaped barberries.
If you are looking for a good supplier and exporter of Iranian Zereshk for long time cooperation, read this article to the end.
The Artin dried barberries factory has written this article to help you know more about Iranian Zereshk.

Iranian Dried Barberries Production and Processing Factory

Iranian Dried Barberries Production

It is the largest red barberry production center in the east of Iran.
As a matter of fact, Iran is the main producer of red-edible Berberis Vulgaris fruits in the world.

South Khorasan province, along with saffron, is also a barberry producer.
Barberries and saffron are known as two strategic products in the market of this province.
A high percentage of farmers are active in the production and processing of barberry in this part of the country.
And due to the recognition of Iranian barberry in world markets, we are witnessing an increase in the production of this product with high properties.

Having many medicinal properties of this product causes different countries to seek the use of barberry.
Iranian barberry has buyers with various consumptions in international markets.

In each of the production cities, different quality products are offering to the market.
The reason for the difference in the quality of barberry is the different weather conditions, the type of water used, and the way the orchards are cared for.
All of these factors affect the final barberry.

Obviously, the processing quality of the dried barberries factory affects the final product directly.

Barberry Drying Workshops

Barberry Drying Workshops

To dry the barberry in puffy shapes, the barberry separates from the tree when the fruits are still on the branches.
Barberries transport by the branches to drying halls and workshops.
In these halls, floors are created using wood and barberry branches are placed on it.

Barberries need 3 to 5 months to fully lose moisture after placing them in the barberry drying halls.
This period depends on the weather conditions and the amount of humidity in the environment.
Fans and jet fans are also using in some halls to reduce the drying time of puffy barberries.

The barberry that dries in this way does not lose its puffy-shape and its crushing percentage is very low.
On the other hand, because barberry dries in the shade, its color is lighter than other types of barberries.

But to produce Pomegranate-seed-shape barberries (Persian Anari Zereshk), you do not need a barberry drying hall or workshop.
Barberry harvests from the tree and separates from the branches. And then the farmer exposes them to direct sunlight.

When barberry is removed from the branch, the seeds are usually damaged and the crushing percentage is higher.
On the other hand, the color of pomegranate seed barberry is darker than other barberries.

Artin Dried Barberries Factory

Dried Barberries Factory

In addition to having a barberry drying hall, some barberry farmers also process the product themselves.
After drying, barberry has to go through various stages to be ready for sale in the market.
The Artin barberry company is where you can see the procedures from harvesting to export for the buyers in other countries.

The most important and main barberry processes that are doing in traditional workshops or industrial factories are:

  1. Separating barberry fruits from the branch (In puffy drying procedure)
  2. Separation of leaves
  3. Separation of small branches, razors, and other wastes
  4. Removing tails and separating them from the barberry fruits
  5. Cleaning and polishing barberry

Each of these processes is performing by a special machine in dried barberries processing workshops and factories.
For export cargos, or customers who are more sensitive, manual sorting is also doing in the last step in the Artin barberry factory.

In this company, various types of puffy-shape barberries and dried pomegranate-seeds-shape barberries are producing and selling in bulk.
In addition, to send barberry to foreign markets, products are processing and sorting more carefully.
Also, all customs formalities and procedures for exporting barberries are performing by the Artin Comercial Team in a short time.

Obtaining all the certificates for barberry export is also completely free for customers of other countries.

How about Artin Iranian Zereshk Price?

Artin Iranian Zereshk Price

The price of barberry depends on various quality parameters.
In addition to quality, the amount of barberry production per year and the intensity of supply and demand also determine the price in the barberry market.

In addition to South Khorasan province, there are two large wholesale markets in Iran.
Barberry market in Mashhad and Tehran market to some extent determine the market demand for this product.
Barberry quality characteristics that are effective in determining the price are:

  1. Barberries type (puffy-shape | pomegranate-seeds-shape | black barberries | dark red barberries (mostly used for producing fruit rolls))
  2. The amount and volume of the order (Order’s Quantity)
  3. The amount of barberries moisture
  4. Sorting quality and uniformity of the load
  5. The size of barberry fruits
  6. Packing
  7. The color of the barberries (uniform light red color is almost the best quality)

To receive the daily price, you can contact the sales unit of the Artin barberry collection right now.Call us now

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