Iranian Dried Barberry Price for Afghanistan

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Barberry Price for Afghanistan

Iranian Dried Barberry Price for Afghanistan

Is your business in Afghanistan? How much is the barberry price for Afghanistan if you want to buy it from Iran? Can you reexport it to other countries?

What is the price of barberry in the market mainly for export?
What types of barberry have the highest exports from Iran to Afghanistan?

In the following, we will explaine the barberry market of pomegranate seeds and puffy type to find the answers to the above questions.

First, we will become more familiar with the production methods of barberry.

Iranian Red Barberry Orchards

Iranian Red Barberry

Iran has the largest production of edible barberry in the world.
In other parts of the world, different types of barberry are producing, but most of them are ornamental barberry bushes.

Iran is the top producer of edible barberry all around the globe.
In Iran, in addition to garden barberry (The type that breeds in orchards), which mostly cultivates in Khorasan, wild barberry also grows in the pastures and mountains of some provinces.

The main and prominent features of Iranian garden barberry are:

  • Shrubs 1 to 3 meters
  • The thorns of the tree branches
  • Elliptical fruits
  • Red berries
  • No kernels (seedless)

The highest amount of barberry production relates to Qa’en and Birjand counties. In addition to barberry, these two cities also produce products such as saffron and jujube in a special and large-scale manner.

Since red barberry shrub does not need pesticides, this product has a high degree of health and therefore it uses to treat various diseases.
This is confirmed by the approach of Iranian and world pharmaceutical companies to Iranian red barberry in the past few years.

Persian Zereshk Harvest Season

Zereshk Harvest Season

Barberry harvest season in the gardens of different regions of southern Khorasan is slightly different from each other.

But in general, it can be said that the harvest begins in the last days of September and continues until the end of November (in colder regions).

During the harvest season, the barberry separates from the tree by a branch, after which the drying process takes place.

There are several ways to dry and process barberry. The same difference in processing methods causes the barberry comes to the markets in different types, which we will explain.

The two barberries that have attracted the most production are as follows:

  1. Pomegranate seed barberry:

    This barberry also known as pomegranate and common in the market.
    Pomegranate type dries and processes under direct sunlight.
    The color of pomegranate seed barberry is a little darker than other types, but it has a better juice and extract.
    The Persian name of this type is “Anari Zereshk”.
    Not only in Afghanistan, But also in all Iran’s neighboring countries, they call barberry as Zereshk.

  2. Puffy Barberry:

    Puffy barberry dries indoors on a branch away from sunlight.
    Once the barberry fruits have lost their moisture and reached normal levels, the process of separating branches, leaves, razors and other materials begins.
    Puffy barberry fruits are completely puffy and the crushing percentage is often low.
    Puffy barberry calls “Pofaki Zereshk” in Iran

Up to here, We briefly got acquainted with the types of barberry and their characteristics.

Iranian Export Quality Barberry for Sale

Barberry for Sale

Sales of barberry exported from Iran are often determined by two parameters:

  1. Type of use (application)
  2. Destination country

These two parameters help a lot in choosing the type of barberry and its quality for export to the destination country.
In this article, we want to briefly review the desire and acceptance of the Afghan people for Iranian barberry.

Afghanistan, as a neighbor of Iran, has many trade relations.

Among different types of barberry, most pomegranate seed barberry is welcomed by Afghan traders due to its high quality and juiciness.
Iranian pomegranate seed barberry, which is ready for sale in November, has many buyers in the markets of different countries, especially Afghanistan, Turkey and Russia.
So, If you are searching for barberry price for Afghanistan, Search for “Dane Anari Zereshk” price.

For this reason, many traders from Afghanistan buy barberry during the production season.

Another reason to buy pomegranate seed barberry is its reasonable price in comparison with other types of barberry.

For detailed information on barberry exports to Afghanistan, you can contact the sales and trade unit of Artin barberry production factory located in Birjand and Mashhad.

Call us nowIranian Barberry Price for Afghanistan

Barberry Price for Afghanistan

Barberries price has always been very important in buying barberry. Especially in countries where sales competition is high.

Iranian barberry trades in large quantities in the markets of Afghanistan and other neighboring countries.
This is the main reason for the fierce competition in these markets. In this regard, the only way is to eliminate intermediaries and buy directly from production units.

Although the price of production units varies according to the side costs and the amount of production, But it is a better option than buying from intermediaries or wholesalers of barberry in other cities.
Note that before the final registration of the order and receiving the sample, receive the daily price of the product from the sales unit and proceed to obtain a pre-invoice.

Re_Export Barberries from Afghanistan

Barberry Price for Afghanistan

You might know that Iran is under deep sanctions of America. So you can buy Iranian barberries and then re-export to to USA with Afghanistan brand on the packages.
It’s mostly like what is happening for exporting Iranian saffron from Afghanistan to America.

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