Iranian Dried Barberry Price

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Barberry Price

Iranian Dried Barberry Price

One of the important questions for buyers is how much is the dried barberry price in Iran? In reply to this question, we need to tell you that the price of barberry depends on different parameters.

In this article, we try to explain features and producing methods of high quality barberry in detail. So join us.

Introduction of Barberry Varieties

The production center of edible red barberry is South Khorasan province in eastern Iran.
In this region of Iran agricultural products with high sales capabilities (inside and outside Iran) are produced.
The three main products are:

  • Saffron
  • Barberry
  • Jujube.

Khorasani barberry is a shrub with high resistance to dehydration and cold and dry weather. This has made the mountainous areas of South Khorasan province suitable for planting red barberry.

After all the crops are harvested in September, we begin the process of drying barberry.
There are various ways to dry barberry at this stage. The two main ways are first under direct sunlight or second away from sunlight.
These two methods lead to the production of most high sales volume Iranian barberry types.
Please notice, The dried barberry price produced based on each method, is different. In fact, Drying procedure is the first parameter affecting the products price.

These two types of barberry are:

  • Anari Barberry
  • Pofaki Barberry

Iranian Zereshk Varieties

(These names are the Persian names but you might hear other names such as: Pomegranate Seed and Puffy types)

Also the name of Iranian barberry in different markets are:

  • Zereshk (Old Persian name)
  • Berberis Vulgaris
  • Zereshg and Zeresht (Common in Turkish and Arabian markets)
  • Berberitzen (In Germany)
  • sarıçalı (In Turkey)

Wholesale Barberry Market

Barberry Wholesale Markets

There are various wholesale markets in Iran for buying and selling ANARI and POFAKI barberry. But the most important of these markets, which accounted for the largest volume of transactions in the Barberry field, are:

  • Wholesale Market of Turkey
  • Wholesale Market of Germany
  • Main Markets of Canada and America
  • Markets of Qatar and Iraq
  • Also Russia

Working with each of these markets has its own advantages and disadvantages. That depends on the location of the buyer, the amount of the purchase, the market conditions, and most importantly the trust between the seller and the buyer.

Iranian Barberry Price

Barberry Price

The price of barberry depends on a number of things. Here you see the most important of which (that have a major impact on the wholesale market):

1. Barberry Variety: The first step is deciding on the type of barberry from the Anari and Pofaki barberry.
As you may know, the price of Anari barberry is always lower than that of Pofaki barberry.

2. Humidity level (Moisture): The percentage of moisture in the market always affect the price of any agricultural product.
Since oil and water is using in the processing of barberry, if the volume of this water and oil is high, the weight of the barberry increases and after a few days lose water and lose weight that in The market is called the deficit.

3. Clear and homogeneous: Another point in the bulk purchase of barberry is the absence of external substances such as shoots, leaves, gravel and etc. among barberries.
In addition, some growers mix some Anari Berries with the Pofaki Barberry to reduce the barberry’s price, which is not ethically and religiously acceptable.

4. Purchase time: Another important point is the product purchase time. Because at certain times of the year there are fewer varieties on the market and this will increase its price. So determining the time of purchase is especially important for export customers.

Any way, Prices of Iranian barberry was about 4 to 6 USD/Kg from 2018 to 2020.

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