Iranian Dried Jujube Fruit Price in 2021

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Dried Jujube Fruit Price

Iranian Dried Jujube Fruit Price in 2021

Dried Jujube Fruit Price in 2021 depends on the main 2 producing market. China and Russia are the main producers but Iranian jujube is next.

What is the daily price of jujube for each kilo in 2021?
How much has the price of Iranian dried jujube fruit changed in 2021 compared to 2020?

Join us to get the answers to these questions and also to see the price list of Iranian dried jujube fruit varieties.
In this article, we will introduce the types of Iranian Ziziphus jujube fruits.

Where to buy Iranian jujube fruits at affordable prices?

Iranian jujube fruit Price

Khorasan, Iran has the highest amount of jujube production in South Khorasan province.
Of course, jujube is also producing in large quantities in Ghainat city.
But the main center of production, processing, and sale of jujube in South Khorasan province is in Birjand city.

Farmers cultivate jujube in different areas of Khorasan such as Qa’enat and Birjand.
Every year, Iran’s Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization introduces the top farmers of the year.
The reason is that in addition to increasing production volume, they increase the quality of products in these areas.

Artin production company in the field of jujube has been operating for several years.
In this company, dried jujubes are available and selling in 7 different types.
The main criterion for classifying jujube into 7 different categories is their size.
In fact, jujube dried fruit price depends on its size at first.

Automatic machines and sieves sort the jujube fruits by size.
The highest volume of jujube sales in Iran is in the cold season of the year.
Because this product has many therapeutic properties and is using in the production of various medicines.

Dried Jujube Uses – Nuts, Snacks, and Medicines

Dried Jujube Uses

Jujube is using for various purposes.
Of course, Iranian jujube is not as well-received as other agricultural products in South Khorasan Province (barberry and saffron) for export.
Most Iranian dried jujube fruits are using in the domestic market of Iran.

Of course, Pakistan and India are buyers of Iranian jujube, but the amount of exports is not significant.
2 codes of jujube fruits between all 7 codes and grades are using to produce medicines.
In fact, in addition to being small, these jujubes have a high percentage of wrinkles.
These jujubes are also known as powdering-jujube in Iran’s market.

The other 5 codes are nut jujube, which is using as dried fruit in snacks.
The first code of hand-picked jujube is quite large and the other codes are classified according to size.

Jujube is using especially for colds due to its high medicinal properties.
The properties of this product have been discussed in old scientific books such as Ibn Sina’s law book.

Dried Jujube Fruits Price List in 2021

Dried Jujube Fruits Price

Now the main question that arises is where to get the daily prices of jujube?
Are there any wholesale markets for jujube in the country?
First, we examine the wholesale markets of jujube in the country.
Except for South Khorasan province, there are 3 main markets for the major supply and distribution of jujube in the country.

These markets are as follows:

  • Mashhad dried fruit wholesale market
  • Tehran Wholesale Market
  • Shiraz wholesale market

These 3 markets are the main distributors of dried red jujube fruits throughout the country.
But the wholesalers of these cities receive their products directly from South Khorasan producers.
In recent years, many manufacturers in Khorasan are trying to distribute their products directly throughout the country.

With the spread and influence of the Internet in the lives of the Iranian people, some production units have started selling various types of jujube online.

To receive the daily price of different types of jujube, you can check the following price list:

  1. A Grade:      4       USD/Kg
  2. B1 Grade:     2.2   USD/Kg
  3. B2 Grade:    1.95  USD/Kg
  4. C Grade:      1.2     USD/Kg
  5. D Grade:      0.95  USD/Kg
  6. E Grade:      0.8    USD/Kg
  7. F Grade:      0.55  USD/Kg

If you need to view images related to any of the Artin jujube codes, get this information from our experts in the sales department.

Factors affecting the daily price of Khorasan jujube

daily price of Khorasan jujube

Many factors affect the daily price of jujube in the wholesale market.
Of course, the most important parameter influencing the supply and demand in the wholesale market.

In the cold season of the year from November to early March, due to the increase in the demand for jujube, prices almost increase.
But during the harvest season, prices usually come to a minimum.

But there are always exceptions. For example, in the years when orchards are damaged and there is a possibility of crop shortages, prices start to rise from the beginning of the guard season.

According to all these conditions, the right time and place to buy must be determined.
For more information and also advice on buying different types of jujube, you can use the contact forms of Artin site.
Our colleagues will contact you as soon as possible.

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