Iranian Dried Jujube Fruit Sale

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Jujube Fruit Sale

Iranian Dried Jujube Fruit Sale

The main production center of jujube is south of Khorasan province. The city of Birjand, along with barberry and saffron, produces fresh and dried jujube fruit for sale.
China, Turkey, India and Canada are among the countries where the sale of dried jujube fruit is booming.

Jujube fruit is mainly produced in different areas of Birjand city. Sioujan and Taghab are Iran’s largest producers of jujube.

The harvest season of jujube is September each year. At this point in time, jujube is usually separated from the tree by striking the tree trunk or using a vibrating device.
Some farmers leave the jujube to dry completely on the branch, but some farmers harvest the jujube fruit once it has lost some moisture and dry it in other ways.
Fresh jujube fruit sale in Iran usually starts in September.

Khorasan jujube Fruit Classification

Jujube Classification

Considering that Khorasan jujube is one type, several parameters are considered for its classification in terms of quality:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Taste
  • Smoothness or wrinkle

By setting these parameters, jujube can classify into different categories. Jujubes with smaller sizes, wrinkle skin and weaker taste calls “Medicinal Jujubes”. They call it medicinal jujube because of dried jujube fruit sale for medicinal purposes and drugs.

Of course, the jujube is different in terms of taste, and some areas have a very sweet jujube because of the good water.

Khorasan Dried Jujube Fruit Sale

Jujube Fruit Sale

Fresh and dried jujube fruit can be purchased directly from known producers in South Khorasan.
In the purchase of jujube after considering the above criteria, it should be noted that the jujube has not been rotten since some jujube left in the warehouses from the past year.

Always try to buy jujube from the last crop production.

Keep in mind, however, that fresh jujube is finally available until the end of November each year, and then all jujube is dried to prevent pest infestation. But the question is, many roadside and small vendors have fresh jujube throughout the year. Is this possible? Follow us to get the answer

Usually, at various times of the year, many shopkeepers selling jujube fruit offer fresh and completely soft jujube. This is not because jujube stays fresh until this season. These sellers use methods to soften dry jujube.

In the other words, these sellers buy jujube dried in bulk, and every day, depending on their jujube fruit sale volume, they soften some of it and expose it to customers. The usual way to soften the jujube is to soak the jujube in water the night before to soften and reduce wrinkles.

How Can You Buy Iranian Jujube?

Buy Iranian Jujube

Artinnuts Jujube production company sends all its products to different countries in bulk and also packaged for shops.
The fresh jujube fruit can ship to customers during the harvest season, but for the rest of the year, jujube is shipped to customers completely dried.

The Artin production factory never dispatches its jujube softly (When it has high moisture) to shoppers because jujube is a perishable product and increases the likelihood of worming when its moisture is high.

You can contact the Artinnuts sales manager for more information on how to package and put your order.

Please notice that all the following names are referring to Jujube Fruit:

  • Jujuba
  • Chinese Red Date
  • Ziziphus Jujube

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