Iranian Dried Jujube in Wholesale Market

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Iranian Dried Jujube

Iranian Dried Jujube in Wholesale Market

One of the most frequently asked questions is the price of Iranian dried jujube in the wholesale market? Where can you buy Iranian Dried Jujube in large quantities?

How different are the sales rates of different types of jujube? How’s the quality of Iranian Dried Jujube in comparison with Chinese jujubes
In this article, we intend to examine these questions, and below is valuable information about this product..

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Birjand city of Iran has the highest area under jujube cultivation.
Given that jujube has many medicinal and therapeutic properties, the attention of provincial managers to the development of this product in recent years has been very high.

Fresh and Dried Iranian Jujube

Iranian Dried Jujube

Iranian Jujube (Ziziphus Jujuba) is one of the best-selling products in the dried fruit market of South Khorasan province.
Iranian Jujube (Persian name: ANAB) has its own customers both in fresh and dried form in the wholesale market of different cities and countries.
The domestic markets of Tehran, Mashhad, Isfahan, Shahrekord and most of the cities of western Iran want to buy jujube both in fresh and dried form.

In Iran, jujube (ANAB) produces in different regions but largest volumes produces in Eastern cities of Iran.

Iranian jujube is only a type and various criteria are set for its classification.
The most important criteria for jujube classification are:

  • Jujube size (small, medium, large)
  • Color
  • Taste
  • The amount of wrinkles on the skin of jujubes
  • Freshness

Due to all these items, the price of jujube determines in the wholesale market.

Fresh Jujube usually sends to active workshops and factories after harvest for sorting and screening.

Jujube Supply in the Wholesale Market

Iranian Dried Jujube

Iranian Red Date (Jujube) is available in the wholesale market of different countries.
The most important major markets for jujube supply throughout the year are in the countries of India, Canada, Qatar and some European countries.

Usually, jujube is ready to send to different markets after sorting in Birjand production centers.

Jujube is classifying in 8 different categories in Artin factory and is providing to customers.

Fine jujube is commonly known as the medicinal jujube on the market.
Medium and large jujube in the market uses as nuts and dried fruits.
This product has various applications and uses, most of which are in the field of treatment of various diseases.

Iranian Dried Jujube Sales

Iranian Dried Jujube

Jujube is often selling in large quantities in several centers in Iran:

  1. Supply centers for nuts and dried fruits
  2. Wholesale and retail sales as a snack
  3. Pharmaceutical factories

These places have the largest bulk purchase of Jujube varieties.
Many jujube producers in Iran sort and prepare their products according to the order of these centers.

Fresh Jujube harvest season starts in August and ends in September

Most manufacturers dry their products thoroughly to increase durability and prevent mold.

But the question is, why is fresh jujube selling by shopkeepers in other cities during different times of the year?
In answer to this question, we have to explain that many jujube sellers put the product in water for a few hours before launching it on the market.

This method softens the jujube and makes it out of brittle shape.
In most cases, people buy this jujube as fresh jujube.

Iranian Dried Jujube Price in Wholesale Market

Iranian Dried Jujube

The price of jujube, unlike other agricultural products in South Khorasan (barberry, saffron, plum, etc.) does not fluctuate sharply.
But the classification and variety of different producers are different.
That’s why it’s always advisable to look closely at the jujube sample.

For information about prices or any discounts, as well as how  to import this product, you can contact Artin sales department.

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