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Iranian Dried Jujube Producer

Iranian Dried Jujube Producer Exporter Supplier

The Artin company is one of the well known Iranian dried jujube producer, exporter, and supplier. Barberry is the other product of Artin.

South Khorasan province of Iran is the largest production area of Iranian dried jujube fruits.
In different plains of this province, the first-class jujube is getting ready for the market in high volumes.

The quality of the jujube is dependent on various parameters, which we will examine in the following.

High-Quality Iranian Dried Jujube Fruits

High-Quality Iranian Dried Jujube FruitsDried jujube is one of the types of jujube that has many benefits.
Its properties include the following:

  • Anti-cancer properties.
  • It is in use for traditional medicine to treat stress, shortness of breath, and high blood pressure.
  • It has antioxidant activities.
  • Jujube cures insomnia.
  • Reduces ammonia levels in the stool and treats constipation.

Artin Company, an Iranian dried jujube producer, has an important role in the processing of dried jujube.
Jujube is usually consumed dry in countries such as Iran, India, and Pakistan.
But in some countries, jujube consumption is different, examples of which are in a few lines below.

    • In countries such as China, Taiwan, and Korea, jujube is perfect to make jujube tea and other herbal teas.
    • Jujube cakes are common in Africa.
    • In some areas, jujube is using to make vinegar.
    • In Britain, in addition to dried jujube, jujube is used in the form of flavored candies and is flavored with tea.

Producers of dried jujube should keep in mind that each region in the world consumes one special product of jujube.
Therefore, according to the customers’ tastes and the properties of jujube, the required jujube can be used.

Iranian Dried Jujube Producer

Iranian Dried Jujube Producer

Various jujube producers around the world are working and processing their products.
China, Russia, and Iran are the largest producers of jujube.
Chinese producers have been able to open a large place in foreign markets due to the production of large and special sizes of jujube.

Obviously, any Iranian dried jujube producer knows that it should sell most of its products in the domestic market of Iran.
The reason for the less export of jujube to other countries is the high penetration of Chinese jujube in all countries of the world.
But don’t forget about the taste and the quality, Iranian jujube fruits are really different in taste.

Of course, Iranian jujube is also available in different countries, which you will see below the names of several important countries:

  • Canada
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan

As mentioned, Iran is one of the largest producers of jujube in the world.
The production center of jujube in Iran is in South Khorasan province.

The South Khorasan province is a center of some special agricultural products such as:

  1. Jujube
  2. Barberry
  3. Pistachios
  4. And also: Saffron

Different Varieties of Iranian Jujube Fruits

Different Varieties of Iranian Jujube Fruits

Artin Company is one of the companies that have many activities in the field of production, sieving, sorting, and packaging of jujube.
In Artin Company, jujube has seven different codes based on indicators, five of which are nut-size and snack-size and two are medicinal jujube.
Obviously, you know that these names refer to the type of consumption for these Iranian dried jujube varieties:

  1. Firstly, Nut and Snack jujube means the jujubes using as nut and snack
  2. Secondly, Medicinal jujube means the jujubes using to produce different types of medicines

Now we want to check the indexes of different jujube categories for you in the following few lines.

  • Jujube size is one of the main quality indicators that the larger the jujube size, the higher the quality of the jujube.
  • Another indicator of jujube quality is the number of jujube wrinkles, and the lower the number of jujube wrinkles and the more smooth it is, the higher the quality of jujube.
  • Other indicators of jujube quality include the degree of pest infestation. The less pest infestation, the better the quality of jujube.

According to the above indicators, the bigger the jujube and the smaller the wrinkles, the better the quality will be and the higher the price will be.
Small and highly wrinkled jujube, which is called ground, powdered or medicinal jujube, has a lower price and is used for medicinal purposes.

All jujube codes of Artin Company are in 30 kg packages.
Artin company can offer packages with other weights to customers according to customer needs.
For more information, you can make direct contact with our sales and export managers (Contact US Page).

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