Iranian Dried Red Barberry for Sale

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Dried Red Barberry

Iranian Dried Red Barberry for Sale

Bulk sale and wholesale of dried red barberry is usually from south Khorasan province of Iran. The pole of the best Iranian red barberry production is in eastern of Iran. The most famous barberries in Iran are Anari and Pofaki seedless berberis vulgaris fruit.

More than 95% of Iran’s dried red barberry production is in South Khorasan province. Khorasani barberry is one variety of barberry that is mentioned in scientific sources as its red and elliptic fruits.
The presence of thorns in the stems of the barberry tree is another feature.

Khorasani red barberry has a sour taste, With this in mind, Iranian Dried Red Barberry (Seedless Berberis Vulgaris) uses to produce delicious fruit leathers.

The most uses barberry in Iran is to cook different kinds of foods.
Barberry rice with chicken (Zereshk Polo Morgh), meatballs, kermanshahi almond stew, etc. are among the foods prepared using barberry varieties.

Dried Red Barberry Varieties

Dried Red Barberry

After harvesting barberry from the tree, There are two general methods for drying this product.
The first method is in outdoor (under direct sunlight) whose final product prepares as ANARI barberry fruit.
The second method is to put barberries in shelves or halls (Under the roof where there is no direct sunlight) and let them lose moisture over time. The barberry, produced in this method, Known as POFAKI Barberry.

Production time for drying Anari berries is about 1 month or less, but the Pofaki barberry production process takes approximately 3-4 months at least.

Iranian Barberry for Bulk Sale

Bulk Barberry Wholesale

Considering the uses expressed for Barberry it can notice that its sales volume in the country is very high.
As a matter of fact, More than %60 of this product using in domestic market of Iran.

Along with domestic sales, a significant amount of Iranian barberry is also exporting to different countries. Each market have its own parameters.
Within Iran there are various wholesale markets for barberry which may be one of the biggest barberry supply centers.

There are many cities in Iran selling barberry in bulk and large quantities but it’s only Khorasan as the producer.
For bulk and high volume, every buyer will try to buy their product at a reasonable price by removing intermediaries and approaching the manufacturer.

Artinnuts Barberry Products for Sale

Artin Barberry Factory

With its long-standing activity in the South Khorasan province in barberry producing, Artin Production Factory is able to sell a large amount of this strategic agricultural product in the domestic and export markets.

In the domestic market, barberry can vary in quality depending on the destination city, but for export to the European and American markets, barberry must have its own required parameters.
In doing so, Barberry must obtain a health certificate that confirms the level of nitrate and pesticides.

Another point in exporting barberry is the type of product packaging:
You should use packages that are not confining the barberry and air flows through the barberries (To prevent the creation of worms and butterflies).

You can contact Artin sales consultants for more detailed information.

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