Iranian Dried Zereshk Fruit | Organic and Non-Organic

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Iranian Dried Zereshk Fruit

Iranian Dried Zereshk Fruit | Organic and Non-Organic

Iranian Dried Zereshk Fruit is available both organic and non-organic in the Artin barberry production company in Iran for export and import.

How much is the wholesale price of dried Persian Zereshk, in the market of Iran? This is a question that major buyers or exporters are looking for when buying.

Iran is where they produce the best red-seedless dried barberries for the world market.
You cannot find the same quality of Iranian dried Zereshk fruit anywhere else.

You can read the articles on this website to get familiar with first-class barberry varieties in Iran and the main supplier and exporter of organic and non-organic Iranian red barberries.

Artin Company is one of the companies active in the field of production, sale, and export of Iranian barberry.
Both organic and non-organic barberries are available in the Artin company.

Iranian Dried Zereshk Varieties

Iranian Dried Zereshk Varieties

Dried barberry is in 2 main types in the market.
These names have been around since ancient times and have been chosen according to the appearance or the type of processing for drying.

  1. Persian ANARI Zereshk
  2. Persian POFAKI Zereshk

Each of these barberries has different characteristics.
But all two types of barberry are from one type of shrub and tree.
In other words, harvesting barberry is from one type of tree but the drying method for its fruits makes the final product different.

The most important and main feature of ANARI Zereshk is its early preparation.
Given that ANARI Zereshk gets dry in direct sunlight, it is ready for the market in a shorter time.

But the other type of barberry (POFAKI Zereshk) gets dry in the shade and under other conditions.
POFAKI Zereshk is ready for sale in the market about 4 to 5 months after the harvest season.
Because these products stay on the branches in the hall (barberry hall) until their moisture reaches a normal level.

Export of Organic and Non-Organic Barberries

Organic and Non-Organic Barberries

Organic and non-organic barberry of Iran has many buyers in different world markets.
This product was initially in use by Iranians living in other countries as well as other Arabian and Afghani restaurants.

But today, people in different countries are also familiar with this product.
This is the reason that the use of barberry in other countries is growing and increasing.
All these cases, along with no special strictness in the customs of origin and destination, causes the volume of transactions of this product to be very high.

Barberry is usually exported to different countries along with other nuts such as pistachios, raisins, dates, and saffron.
The main destination and market of Iranian dried Zereshk fruit are the following countries:

Russia – Turkey – Germany – Canada – Ukraine – Switzerland – Afghanistan – Kuwait

Each of these countries buys a special type of dried Iranian barberry.
The type of barberry to buy or export/import selects according to the type of consumption in the target country.

Iranian Dried Zereshk Production Center

Iranian Dried Zereshk Production

The main center of production and sale of dried Iranian barberry is in the east of Iran.
South Khorasan province is the largest producer of barberry and saffron in the world.
In this region of the country, more than 90% of agriculture, is these two products.

The following cities have the highest production of dried barberry in Iran:

  • Birjand
  • Qa’en
  • Sarbisheh
  • Zirkouh
  • AryanShahr

In each of these areas, depending on the weather conditions and the type of water consumed, the quality of barberry is different.
The Artin production company is active in the region between Birjand and Qa’en and all products from this company are offering in different grades in the market.

To receive samples of products or photos, you can contact our partners in the Artin sales unit.
Or fill in the forms on the site in the shortest time and wait for the call of our supporters.

Prices of Barberries

Prices of Barberries

Fluctuations in international markets, which occur for various climatic, political, economic, and other reasons, have a negative effect on trade relations between countries and limit exchanges between them.
Although many of these factors are unpredictable and even uncontrollable, some of them are solvable.

For example, the Iranian dried fruit trade has always been one of the most profitable economic activities, which has caused many people to enter this field without the necessary knowledge of the rules governing international trade and change the daily prices of products such as dried barberry.

Knowing this issue, traders in different regions have sought to establish communication and direct transactions with producers in Khorasan province as the center of production of this product in the world.

If you need special packaging or a certificate for export, be sure to discuss these issues with sales experts.

The Artin production company is in Khorasan province producing the best Iranian barberries in this province and is ready to supply this product at a competitive price all over the world.

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