Iranian Export Quality Barberries | Artin Dried Fruits

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Iranian Export Quality Barberries

Iranian Export Quality Barberries | Artin Dried Fruits

The price of Iranian export quality barberries in the domestic market of Iran and the Artin Dried Fruits company is important for importing in bulk.

Many merchants, along with their other products, export/import Iranian barberries.
Puffy-shape barberry and pomegranate-seeds-shape have the highest sales in international markets.
Of course, These names are the literal meaning of the Persian names of Iranian export quality barberries in the domestic market of Iran.

Iran is known as the largest producer of edible and seedless barberries in the world.
South Khorasan province in Iran has the largest volume of exports of these valuable products. In fact, South Khorasan is the producer of Iranian SAFFRON, BARBERRY, and JUJUBE.

The production methods of each type of Iranian export quality dried barberries are different. That’s why the barberries are available in the market in different periods of the year.

In the following, we will examine the two main types of Iranian dried red barberry.

Puffy Shape (POFAKI) Dried Barberries

Puffy Shape Dried Barberries

The drying process to produce Puffy-shape barberry takes about 3 to 5 months.
This difference in production time varies according to weather conditions.

To produce barberry in puffy shape, the crop must be separated from the tree by its branch. In fact, the farmer cut the branch of the tree when the fresh barberries are on it:

Iranian Barberry Fruits

Branches with barberry fruits transfer to processing halls using baskets.
In these halls, using wood and metal bases, the floors in the hall become larger.
These floors should be spaced apart so that air can flow easily.
To speed up this drying method, the farmers use fans.

The barberry that is prepared by this drying method is selling in the market under the name of puffy-shape barberry. Or the Persian name is ZERESHK POFAKI.

The most important features of barberry are its light color and puffy shape.
This product has the lowest moisture content and is popular in the market of different countries.
Germany, Canada, Iraq, and Kuwait are the main buyers of Iranian red barberry.

Pomegranate-Seed-Shape (ANARI) Dried Barberries

ANARI Dried Barberries

To prepare pomegranate-seed-shape barberry, the production process is different from puffy-shape barberry.
To produce pomegranate seed barberry, the farmer separates barberry seeds from the branch by shacking the tree.
Barberry seeds are spread with high humidity under direct sunlight.

It takes about 1 to 2 months to dry barberry pomegranate seeds.
In this method, the barberries are turning upside down every few days to dry evenly.
The most important characteristics of barberry pomegranate seeds are:

Dark color and squeezy shape (this is also due to the way the product dries)

Barberry pomegranate seeds are also of interest in different countries.
The largest volume of exports of this product is for Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, and Ukraine.
By the way, Iranian puffy export quality barberries are new in many countries. Most of the countries used to import Anari Persian barberry.

Dried Barberries Price for Import/Export

Dried Barberries Price

One of the important parameters in the major purchase of barberry for export is its price.
In fact, according to the destination country, after determining the quality of the product, its selling price is of great importance.
Export quality barberry has very special criteria and standards, each of which affects the price of this organic product.

  1. For example, one of the most important points in preparing barberries for export is the absence of any waste materials such as branches, leaves, pebbles, sand, and… among the barberry fruits.
  2. The second characteristic of good Iranian export quality barberries is the use of the least possible amount of oil among the barberry dried fruits.
  3. The third feature that is one of the most important issues in the export of this organic product is the type of packaging of export/import quality barberry to prevent pests.

Another feature that should be considered in the export/import of barberry is the sending and transportation of barberry.
In hot seasons or long sea routes, reefer containers must be in use.

You can contact Artin sales or trading unit to receive product pictures as well as the final price.
You can see the products list of Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits company:

In addition, all Artin export products are placing in fabric packages for export.
This type of packaging, in addition to increasing durability, is also health-approved by the customs of different countries.

Importing Iranian Export Quality Barberries

Iranian Export Quality Barberries

The main export destinations of Iranian barberry are various Asian, European, and American countries.
These countries include Canada, Turkey, Australia, the United States, and also Russia.

Barberry is usually shipping to these countries in bulk.
There are various packaging companies in these countries that market this organic product in small packages.

Artin Nuts Trading Group with several years of experience in this field is ready to supply and export the products you want at the best possible price.

Of course, in order to export barberry to any country, it is necessary to check what kind of barberry is most in-demand in this market.
This is doing by means of careful marketing and needs assessment.

To receive advice in this regard, you can complete the consultation and contact forms available on the site.

How to Export Barberries Directly from Iran?

How to Export Barberries

One of the very simple trades is the export of barberry from Iran and obviously, importing it to your country.
Barberry is one of the goods that are not subject to mandatory standards in Iran.
For this reason, the customs process of this product in bulk is very easy.

To export barberry after preparing and packaging the product, the following steps must be followed:

    • Sending cargo to the customs warehouse of origin
    • Completing the load declaration
    • Visiting the customs inspector
    • Submitting a quarantine certificate application (Phytosanitary Certificate)
    • Visiting of the representative of the Agricultural Jihad Organization
    • Getting a quarantine certificate (Phytosanitary Certificate)
    • Receiving a letter of crop registration
    • Load sealing by an evaluator
    • Receiving a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce
    • Completion of documents and certificates
    • Sending cargo to the customs of the destination country
    • All these steps are fully and in detail explained in the following link.

Steps and methods of exporting barberry from Iran

You can also visit the Persian website of Artin Production Company through the following link:


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