Iranian Fresh Barberries Harvest Season

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Iranian Fresh Barberries

Iranian Fresh Barberries Harvest Season

Iran is the main producer of red edible Berberis Vulgaris in the world. Iranian Fresh Barberries Harvest Season starts in late September.

The harvesting season of fresh barberry from the orchards of South Khorasan province begins in late-September.
In some areas, such as Birjand, the barberry harvesting process starts earlier than the northern areas, including Qa’en.
In this season, the Artin company sells fresh barberries directly from the orchards.

Purchasing Iranian Fresh Barberries in Harvest Season

Iranian Fresh Barberries

During the fresh barberry harvest season, many farmers and production units market their products.
Many of Iranian buyers use fresh barberries to sell in the domestic market as fresh fruits.

Of course, many sellers in different provinces try to buy the product directly from the orchards, not brokers.
The barberry harvest from orchards in South Khorasan province in 2020would be more than 21,000 tons.
A significant volume of this product went to the market in a fresh type.

In addition to Iran’s domestic markets, frozen fresh barberry is also popular in export markets and has a significant volume of shipments.
Iranian fresh barberries have good prices from local farmers during the harvest season.

How to buy Fresh Barberry Fruits Directly from Farmers?

Fresh Barberry Fruits

To buy fresh barberry from farmers in the South Khorasan region, you should go to the cities that produce this product.
Different regions in South Khorasan province are active in barberry production, but according to climatic conditions, barberries are different in terms of quality.

The following areas have the highest production of red barberry in different cities of Khorasan:

  1. Birjand
  2. Qaen
  3. Arinshahr
  4. Darmian
  5. Zirkuh
  6. Hajiabad
  7. Gazar
  8. Mahmouei
  9. Sarbishe

In each of these areas, barberry produces in large volumes by farmers.
The number of farmers who have cultivated a large amount of land themselves is small, but the number of farmers with low production volumes is very high.
In fact, a large amount of barberry can obtain from one village but from several farmers.

Since Iranian fresh barberries do not need any special processing for sale, farmers try to sell this product directly.
But it should also consider that many farmers do not sell their produce fresh.

Rather, they prefer to dry it in various forms of Puffy or Pomegranate and then market it to make more profit.

Fresh Persian Zereshk Export/Import

Fresh Persian Zereshk

The main exports of Iranian fresh barberries are from Mashhad (a big city in Khorasan) customs.

Due to the sensitivity and vulnerability of fresh barberry, it should reach the warehouse and cold storage of the destination city immediately.

For this reason, many buyers, whose purchase volume is large, easily load the car in front of the orchard with the previous coordination and go directly to the destination city without stopping.
If you want to import Iranian fresh barberries to your country, You need to use reefer containers.

Artin Barberry Production Company sends the products of its orchards and farmers of the same region directly to all over the country.
Also, if needed, frozen barberry can be prepared for export and its production line is active in this company every year.

Iranian Fresh Barberries Price

Iranian Fresh Barberries Price

The price of fresh barberry determines each year during the harvest season.
Determining the price depends on many factors, but two main reasons have a significant impact on the pricing of fresh barberry:

  1. First, The amount of barberry production per year.
  2. Second, The supply and demand for fresh and dried barberry

The price of fresh barberry, which was determined, is enough to add additional costs to get the cost of the product.

The most important selling costs in the fresh barberry harvest season are as follows:

  • The cost of harvesting the product
  • The cost of removing barberries from branches
  • Cost of cartons and packaging containers
  • Shipping cost from the orchard to the destination city

All these items can be obtained from sellers of fresh barberry in South Khorasan province.

Artin Fresh Barberries

Artin Fresh Barberries

In Artin barberry production company, fresh barberry is selling in 3 ways:

  1. Barberries on branches
  2. Barberry fruits without branch
  3. Frozen fresh barberry fruits

The shelf life of barberry is exactly the same as the above list, respectively. In other words, the most durability is related to barberry with branches.

Of course, to store fresh barberry in frozen form, most of the fruits of barberry enters the refrigerator.
The main reason for this is the small volume that this product occupies, and on the other hand, when the barberry is taken out of the frozen state, it becomes difficult to separate the barberry from the branch.

Artin Barberry Collection sells fresh barberry from the orchards in bulk every year from the end of September to November.
For information on the wholesale purchase price and also the minimum order, you can contact the sales unit of this collection.

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