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Iranian Green Pistachio Kernels & Slivers | Artin Nuts

Pistachio kernels and slivers both are in use for delicious pastries, chocolates, and etc.; Artin Nuts Co. supplies Iranian green pistachios.

The best pistachio to produce slices and slivers throughout Iran is Qazvin purple skin pistachio kernels, and for this reason, Qazvin slices are known as Iranian green gold.
Artin Nuts and Dried Fruit Company is the supplier of this product in bulk. In fact, all varieties of Iranian green pistachio kernels & slices are available in the Artin company.

Many factories across the country buy green pistachios in bulk to use for slice production.
Pistachio slices are one of the main Iranian pistachio products in the domestic and foreign markets; Most of Iran’s pistachio strips are in use for export to countries active in the confectionery industry.

Qazvin pistachio kernel, in addition to being green, has a high percentage of fat, which simplifies the slice production process.

Green Pistachio Kernels and Slivers Production Center

Pistachio kernel is one of the valuable products of pistachio.
Green pistachio kernel is a colorful and widely in use pistachio kernel.
Qazvin province is one of the provinces that are very active in the production of green pistachio kernels.
Qazvin province is the center of slices and slivers production.

Of course, other provinces such as Khorasan Razavi and Kerman also produce green pistachio kernels.
But Qazvin province has undertaken the production of green pistachio kernels on a larger scale and with a larger volume.
As the name implies, a green pistachio kernel is a colorful and green kernel.
The green color causes its usage in the production of pistachio slices.
In the next section, we will provide more details about this issue to you.

Pistachio Kernels and Strips Major Purchase

In the previous section, we mentioned that pistachio slices are one of the most important products of green pistachio kernels.
On the other hand, Qazvin province has a major part of green pistachio kernel production.
Green pistachio kernels are suitable for producing pistachio slices due to their green color.

Qazvin’s purple skin pistachio kernel shines like a diamond in the meantime.
This pistachio kernel has made Qazvin pistachio slices adorn Iranian and foreign tablecloths.
This has caused many workshops and factories in this province to produce and process pistachio slices.
In these workshops, there are two general steps:

  1. Peeling pistachios.
  2. Slicing and Slivering peeled pistachio kernels (making slices or strips).

According to these conversations, the best place to buy pistachio kernels or slices is Qazvin province.
Artin company is also one of the collections that sells and exports green pistachio kernels and slivers from Iran.
For advice or buying different types of pistachio products or preparing green pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants of this collection.

Green Pistachios Price

One of the issues that may occupy the mind of every buyer is the price of a product.
Now the question is how the price of purple skin pistachio kernels and pistachio slices/slivers in Qazvin province is determined.
The price of these products depends on several factors.
These factors include the following:

  • At first, The green color of the pistachios and slices
  • Secondly, broken and cracked slices/kernels
  • Then the darker the green color of our pistachio kernels or pistachio slices, the better the quality of the pistachio kernels.

These pistachio kernels are also very expensive and a large amount of them are in use for export to other countries.
In relation to pistachio slices, in addition to their green color, we must also pay attention to the amount of pulverization of the slices.
The lower the amount of powder in pistachios, the higher the price and quality.

Of course, due to the fluctuations in the market, it is not possible to offer an exact price for these two products.
For consultation, purchase, or export of pistachio slices and green pistachio kernels, you can contact the consultants to get the price range of your product.

Artin Company sales consultants are ready to answer your questions.

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