Iranian Jujube 2021 Crops – Export/Import

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Iranian Jujube 2021 Crops

Iranian Jujube 2021 Crops – Export/Import

Iranian Jujube 2021 crops are available in the Artin company to export/import in large quantities. They call it ANAB in Persian.

High-quality Iranian jujube (ANAB) of Khorasan with the best quality is available in 2021.
You can buy jujube online in bulk through the Artin website.

Jujube is available in large quantities in rural areas around Birjand in the Khorasan province of Iran.
Join us to know about Artin jujubes.

Purchasing Iranian Jujube 2021 Crops from Farmers

Purchasing Iranian Jujube

Many farmers in South Khorasan Province are planting and producing jujubes.
The main focus of these farmers is in the two cities of Birjand and Qa’yen.

The rural areas of Birjand have the most and the best jujube in Iran.
Every year, jujube’s best farmers are selected from these areas.

Fortunately, the growth and development of jujube production with the support of the Jihad Agricultural Organization of the province in recent years was good.

Many farmers have new jujube orchards in recent years.
Training classes for farmers by the Jihad-e-Agriculture Organization improve the quality of jujube every year.

One of the most important principles that farmers have followed in recent years is not to overgrow the tree.
When the height of the tree increases, the jujube fruits would be smaller.
In this regard, experts and researchers advise farmers not to let the height of the jujube tree increase more than a specific amount.

Farmers in these areas offer their jujube fresh in the market during the harvest season.
On the other hand, after drying the products, they distribute them in different sizes in the market.
Various companies in the province are active in the field of processing, sieving, sorting, and packaging jujube fruits.

Iranian Jujube 2021 crops have a good quality in comparison with last year.
The Artin ANAB company is an exporter of Iranian jujube fruits that have high quantities of 2021 new crops available for your markets.

Delivery of Iranian Jujubes to all over the world

Iranian Jujubes

Artin Jujube Company provides the best jujube to its customers throughout the year.
Of course, it should be noted that the highest sales volume of jujube is in autumn and winter.

The reason for this is the use of jujube and its drink to treat all kinds of flu and colds.
Jujube has many healing properties that are also available in Ibn Sina’s book of medicine.
Jujube Artin Company has its products in different categories based on the size of jujube.

This classification is constant throughout the year and customers can confidently buy the product they want.
In addition to size, there are other criteria for determining the quality of jujube.
The most important of which are the color, wrinkles, and pests of the product.

Pests are usually less common in the cold seasons of the year but are more common in the spring and summer.

You can get all of the information about this product and export/import issues by making a direct call or message us in the Artin company.

How to Get the Prices of Iranian Jujube in 2021?

Prices of Iranian Jujube

The price of jujube depends on various parameters.
Quality is the first and most important of these criteria to determine the daily price of jujube.

On the other hand, the amount of jujube harvest at the beginning of the year and also the amount of demand in the market can have a great impact on the price of jujube.
Meanwhile, if we have the growth of jujube exports, the demand will double and this will directly affect the price of the product.

At Artin Company, which sells its products mainly in the market, it tries to provide high-quality jujube fruits to buyers at a fair price.
For this reason, the demand for the products of this collection is increasing day by day.

As mentioned in the previous sections, in this company jujube is available in different categories.
There are 4 categories of nut-size (using for snacks and in nut stores as dried fruit) and 3 categories of medicinal jujube (using to produce powder or medicines).

If you want to see images and photos of any of these codes:
Send your message to our colleagues right now.

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