Iranian Jujube Dates Sales and Export Center

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Iranian Jujube Dates Sales

Iranian Jujube Dates Sales and Export Center

Do you know where is the Iranian jujube dates sales and export center? The other names of Iranian Ziziphus jujuba fruit are Unab and Anab.

How much is the price of each kilo of jujube in the wholesale market of Birjand and its suburbs?
What is the difference between the price of coarse jujube and medicinal jujube?

Know more about the prices of the Artin jujube wholesale center on this site.
Also, we tell you more about the real Iranian jujube dates sales and export center?

Iranian Big Size Jujube Dates

Big Size Jujube Dates

Jujube fruits have different sizes and qualities when harvesting from the tree.
Small, coarse, wrinkled, and immature jujube all together form the jujube of an orchard.

In this regard, the important and main work after harvesting jujube is sorting products.
The main parameter for jujube dates sorting is according to the size of the jujube, whether it is small or large.
Automatic devices or manual sieve trays use to perform this process.

Coarse jujube, which in Artin company often includes 4 basic categories, is using as nuts for making different snacks.
These products come to the market through wholesale markets of nuts and dried fruits across the country.

Wrinkles on the jujubes reduce the value and the price of the product.
Conversely, the smoother the surface of the jujube, the more expensive it will be.

In this regard, to buy jujube, you must see the sample of the main load before the bulk purchase.

Small Medicinal Jujube Dates

Small Medicinal Jujube Dates

Another jujube that has many uses in the market inside and outside Iran is medicinal jujube or the small ones using to make jujube powder.

The most important and main properties of medicinal jujube are:

  • Small Size
  • A high percentage of wrinkles
  • Existence of jujube with immaturity percentage

These jujubes are often available in two general categories for sale in the market.
Medicinal and small Iranian jujube dates sales for preparing herbal teas are one another use of this product.

In addition, it is using to produce jujube beans and many other products.
Another use of small-medicinal jujube is in Iranian and foreign pharmaceutical companies.
Jujube is using to treat many diseases due to its high medicinal properties.

In terms of exports, Iranian jujube has the highest sales in Pakistani and Indian markets.
In these countries, jujube mixes with Indian tamarinds after powder.

Iranian Dried Jujube Dates Sales Price

Iranian Dried Jujube Dates Sales

The price of each kilo of jujube is determined according to various parameters.
In the previous sections, some of these features are available, the most important of which is the size of the product.

Basic parameters in determining the quality and price of each kilo of jujube fruits:

  • Jujube size
  • Wrinkle rate
  • Uniformity
  • Good taste
  • Freshness
  • No pest infestation
  • Packing

All these factors, along with supply and demand in the market, determine the price of jujube.
To receive images related to each of Artin jujube codes, you can contact our partners in the sales department via WhatsApp or Telegram.

You can also receive the discount amount that includes your bulk purchase by specifying the weight of your purchase.

Jujubee Fruits Export/Import

Jujubee Fruits Export Import

Artin jujubes Production company is known as one of the market activists in the field of barberry and jujube in South Khorasan.
The main focus and place of activity of this complex are in Birjand city.

All products and customer orders are sending directly from Khorasan province, Iran.

The main customers and activists in this field, who are wholesalers and brokers in the field of dried fruits all over the country, receive their products directly from Khorasan province.
In addition, for export orders, all coordination related to customs formalities and transportation is doing by Artin Trading Team.

Since Iranian jujube dates don’t need a mandatory standard, its sales and export from Iran and clearance in other countries are very simple.
Of course, the jujube produced by Russia is one of the main competitors of Iranian jujube in international markets.
For this reason, large Iranian jujube does not have a high sales volume in world markets.
But Iranian medicinal jujube is mostly using for powdering in other countries.

You can check the Artin Persian website:

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