Iranian Jujube Dates Wholesale for Export/Import

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Iranian Jujube Dates

Iranian Jujube Dates Wholesale for Export/Import

Do you know about Iranian jujube dates? Here we tell you how to find the wholesale center of jujube fruit for export/import. Also benefits and features.

Obviously, You buy jujube dates from the production centers when you want to purchase high quantities in bulk.
In Iran, The price of jujube in Birjand, Qa’en and Mashhad markets is cheaper than other cities.

Buy fresh and dried packaged jujube directly from wholesale centers or even the main producers.

Fresh and Dried Iranian Jujube Dates

Iranian Jujube Dates

Jujube fruit harvest season in South Khorasan Province begins in August.
However, in some years, due to the weather conditions, the harvest may be sooner or later for a few days.

Fresh and green Iranian jujube dates, which has a completely soft skin, comes to the market only during the harvest season.
Although some jujubes get frozen, their appearance and taste will be completely different.

But many of us have noticed that fresh jujube is sold in the market all year round.
Read the full explanation of this issue in the translated article “Wholesale sales of fresh jujube in 1399“.

After harvesting and drying jujube, all products sorts by production units.
The main sort of jujube is based on its size.

Small and Big Size Jujube Dates

Jujube Dates

To buy large or small jujube fruits in bulk, you need to contact the main centers and wholesale markets.
Of course, the production centers are southern Khorasan province of Iran.

But many farmers market their products in small and large bags without segregation and sorting.
Production units and workshops active in the field of jujube, in addition to sorting, also do all matters related to packaging.

Some companies operating in Birjand and Ghaenat, as the center of barberry and jujube production in Iran, also manage all customs and export affairs and obtaining export certificates in their own collection by the trading team.
Large jujube is often using for consumption of nuts, and less of this type of jujube is using for therapeutic purposes.

But fine (small) or powdering jujube is used to produce a variety of traditional and modern medicines.

Jujube Dates Benefits

Jujube Dates Benefits

has jujube a hot nature or cold in traditional medicine?
With the research of jujube and books of traditional Iranian medicine, jujube has a balanced nature.

Ibn Sina also mentions jujube with a cold nature in his book.
But dried Iranian jujube dates are often known for its balanced nature in the market.

Jujube mostly use as a fresh fruit in some Asian countries, but in many countries it is in the category of nuts.

Iranian jujube is selling among other nuts such as pistachios in international markets.
The most important medicinal properties of jujube are the following:

  • Blood purification
  • Memory Improvement
  • Treatment of sore throat
  • flu treatment
  • Relieve nausea
  • Treatment of some cancers

The medicinal properties of jujube are not only in its fruit, but also the leaves of the jujube tree are using to treat some diseases.

Iranian Jujube Dates Wholesale for Export/Import

Iranian Jujube Dates

Iranian jujube, in addition to being sold in the markets of different cities and provinces, is also uing for export.
Both Iranians living in other countries and some pharmaceutical companies have led to a boom in jujube exports from Iran in recent years.

Iranian jujube for export similar to the domestic market divides into two general categories:

  1. Big size jujube (nuts)
  2. Small size jujube (medicinal or powdering (Using to produce jujube powder))

Each of these types has its own market in different countries.
The countries that have the largest volume of Iranian jujube exports are:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • Emirates
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Kuwait
  • Netherlands
  • Iraq
  • Canada
  • Turkmenistan

The exact statistics of the volume of exports to each of these countries are available on the website of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.
You can access this information through this link.

To import to any of these countries, it is necessary to send a special type of jujube in the requested packaging in that country.

For more information, you can contact the experts of the commercial and sales unit of Artin production company.

Classy Jujube Dates Wholesale Price

Jujube Dates Wholesale

The daily price of jujube in the market determine by large production units in South Khorasan province.
This price determination is usually based on the amount of supply and demand in the market as well as the amount of jujube production of the year.

In some years, crops are severely damaged due to weather problems, and the price of other jujubes increases due to a shortage of produce.
But in the years when there is enough and timely rain in the province, high quality products come to the market with reasonable prices.

Contact us now to get the price of jujube in different sizes today.

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