Iranian Jujube Distribution For Wholesale and Export

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Iranian Jujube Distribution For Wholesale and Export

Iranian Jujube Distribution For Wholesale and Export

Iranian Jujube Distribution and Wholesale is mostly for its domestic market. ANAB export to Europe and Canada is a profitable business.

Artin Birjand Jujube Distribution Company sells its products in bulk all over the country.
In this company, jujube is available in 7 different quality grades with the current market price in different provinces.
Red jujube is mainly available in South Khorasan province so that most of the area under jujube cultivation belongs to Birjand city.

Throughout Iran, Birjand is the center of jujube production in the country and many traders receive their products directly from the production units in this region of the country.

Iranian Jujube Distribution Center

Iranian Jujube Distribution Center

As mentioned, the largest jujube-producing cities in Iran are Birjand and surrounding cities. These cities have jujube products and offer their products through wholesale markets across the country.

After harvesting jujube in August and September, jujube enters traditional workshops or modern and industrial factories for various processes.
The most important activity of manufacturing companies in this field is sizing and sieving products according to their small and large size. Because after harvesting jujubes from the tree, both small and large dried jujubes are with each other.

Since fine jujube has different uses from medium and large jujube, the separation process is to make it easier to sell and the consumer to get exactly the product he needs.

One of the companies distributing all kinds of jujube in the country, which carries out all production processes, is the Artin jujube company. In this collection, jujube is available in 7 different sizes and grades so that customers receive exactly the product they need. This type of classification has brought satisfaction to customers across the country in the past few years.

Therefore, the main and the most important “Iranian Jujube Distribution Center” is the South Khorasan Province of Iran.

Large Size Jujube Wholesale

Large Size Jujube Wholesale

Jujube is available through various wholesale markets across the country. But the main of these markets are in Birjand, Mashhad, Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan. The first 3 markets determine the main determinants of supply and demand, as well as to some extent the overall market price.

Most of the jujube sales are to its wholesale market in Birjand.
Large size and first-class jujube (nut size jujube) have a large size and the least amount of wrinkles. The bigger the jujube, the more expensive it will be.

But small and wrinkled jujubes have more uses, including medicines, mills, as well as the preparation of various teas and have their own customers in different provinces. In addition to Iran, small jujubes also have many fans in the Indian market.

Prices of Iranian Jujube in South Khorasan Province

The price of jujube depends on various parameters that were mentioned in the previous section on the size of jujube. The smaller the jujube, the cheaper it will be. But we must also consider the quality criteria in spite of its size.

Other parameters for determining the quality of jujube in South Khorasan province include the following:

color – Jujube seed size – Wrinkles – taste

All of these, along with the type of packaging, determine the final price of jujube for bulk sales.
But keep in mind that depending on the volume of the order and also the place and time of delivery, it is possible to change the price, whether it is decreasing or increasing. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the sales unit to know the exact price of each type of jujube; You can also ask our sales experts to send you pictures of each jujube code on social networks such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Iranian Jujube Export/Import

Iranian Jujube Export/Import

In addition to selling in the domestic market, Iranian jujube also has its own buyers in international and foreign markets. The largest volume of Iranian jujube exports is to the following countries.

Pakistan – India – Iraq – Canada – Kuwait – Turkey

India and Pakistan often buy small size jujube for grinding and pulverizing, while other countries place orders for nut jujube.

Nut jujube sent to Iraq is often light in color and medium in size. But for Canada and Kuwait, large jujube with red liver color is often in demand. When buying and exporting jujube from Birjand, you should pay close attention to the market needs of the destination country, or if necessary, field and in-person marketing should be done in these countries.

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