Iranian Jujube Exporter – Persian Anab to Buy

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Iranian Jujube Exporter

Iranian Jujube Exporter – Persian Anab to Buy

Here we introduce you an Iranian Jujube Exporter and also give you more information about Persian Anab to buy in bulk and in large quantities.

Iran’s small size jujube exports are more than big size jujubes. Small jujubes, also known as medicinal jujube, has the largest volume of exports.
Medicinal Jujube means that this type uses for producing herbal medicines. So you can easily find an Iranian Jujube Exporter in this field of business.

These jujubes use for pulverization. Some producers in Iran call this jujube as Persian Powdering Anab.
Also, If you want to buy this type of Persian Anab, Search for it in Southern Khorasan, Iran.

The main purchase of this type of jujube in the Iranian market is often done in the province of South Khorasan, especially in the city of Birjand.

Red jujube is one of the agricultural products of South Khorasan province, which produces beside barberry and saffron.

Persian Anab Wholesale Center to Buy

Iranian Jujube ExporterIran, along with China and Russia, produces jujube. Of course, Iranian jujube is smaller than the jujube produces in these two countries.

Another difference between jujube in Iran is the impossibility of separating the kernel (the seed) from the jujube mantle.

Many people around the world consume jujube with walnut or almond kernels. That’s why jujube producers in China separate the kernels and place a variety of nuts in the middle of the jujube (you can see this type of jujube in the picture above).

But jujube in Iran does not have this possibility, so it is less popular in global markets.
Due to the growth of jujube in the tropics, its medicinal and therapeutic properties are very high.

For this reason, most of Iran’s exports relates to medicinal jujube.

European pharmaceutical companies are the main buyers of jujube in Iran. Of course, there are parameters for medicinal jujube. One of the most important of which is the weight percentage of the seed.

In addition to this market, the markets of India and Pakistan are also one of the major shopping centers of jujube in Iran.
So, If you are in India, You can easily find an Iranian jujube exporter to buy Persian Anab.

Birjand Jujube Supply in Bulk

Iranian Jujube ExporterAs you are aware, you know that the jujube production center in Iran is in the south of Khorasan province.

Birjand city has the highest amount of jujube production in the country. The areas of Siojan, Taghab, Mahvavi and Sedeh have the largest volume of Iranian red jujube cultivation.

Jujube harvest season begins almost every year in late August and continues in some areas until mid-September.
The jujube tree has different yields each year depending on the amount of rainfall and the type of maintenance and pruning.
And if farmers prevent the tree from getting high, it will make the final product larger and smoother.

For bulk purchase of jujube for high volume in the domestic market of Iran or its export, the best option is to contact the production units of South Khorasan province, especially Birjand city.

The products of Siojan and Taghab plains have the highest production volume and the highest quality every year.
In addition, farmers in this area are known as the Best farmers of jujube in the years 2015 to 2016.

For more information on this topic, you can contact our partners in the support section of Artin Production Factory.

Iranian Small Jujube Fruits

Iranian Jujube ExporterIran’s small jujube exports are often made to Pakistan, India, Germany and some Gulf states.

In India, small jujube usually uses for powdering to combine this product with Indian tamarind.
In Pakistan, in addition to medicinal uses, part of jujube is using for re-export to India.
For other countries, jujube uses to make a variety of anti-inflammatory and medicinal syrups.

The variety of sizes and colors in jujube is very high. For this reason, in the Artin jujube factory, it is often classifying in 8 codes and provided to Iranian and foreign customers.
Artin Nuts and Dried Fruits Co. is an Iranian Jujube Exporter in the middle east that can supply all the grades and qualities for you.

Persian Anab in Iran is not subject to mandatory export standards.

Due to the non-compulsory nature of the standard, jujube customs formalities are very convenient and can perform in a short time.

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