Iranian Jujube for Pakistan | Apple Ber or Bair Fruit

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Iranian Jujube for Pakistan

Iranian Jujube for Pakistan | Apple Ber or Bair Fruit

The Artin company exports Iranian jujube for Pakistan market. The other names of jujube fruit are “Bair” or “Ber” and also Chinese dates.

The Artin company is exporting jujube to Pakistan and India in large volumes from Iran.
Iranian dried red jujube (Ber) has an extraordinary amount of sales in these markets.

Jujube (Bair) produced in South Khorasan province is in different categories and varieties.
Each of these products has its buyers in the markets of Karachi, Faisalabad, and Lahore.

Artin Jujube company is one of the activists in the field of production, packaging, sale, and export of various medicinal jujube and nuts of Iran.
Medicinal Jujube means jujubes that have many uses in the production of various medicines (Traditional and Chemical).
And nut jujube means jujubes (Chinese dates) that have various uses as nuts, snacks, and dried fruits.

Iranian Jujube for Pakistan

Iranian Jujube for Pakistan

Exporting Iranian jujube to Pakistan and neighboring countries is one of the main markets f0r Iranian jujube producers.
Pakistan usually buys jujube for two purposes:

  1. Domestic consumption and use in Pakistan itself
  2. Packaging and export to other countries

The export of jujube to Pakistan consists of small size or medicinal jujube and nut size or snacky jujube.
Of course, most of the shipments to Pakistan are of medicinal jujube.

Pakistan is one of the countries that has been able to make a lot of money by buying bulk and packing goods and sending it to other countries.
Pakistani traders have been able to bring a lot of currency into their country by buying jujubes at low prices and packing them.
Jujubes that are available in Pakistan itself to consume is also snacky and in large sizes.
So many traders import medicinal jujube to Pakistan and usually package and re-export them.

There are different features and indicators that are the borders between medicinal and snacky jujube (apple ber) fruits.
Below you can read more about these features of each variety.

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Center

Iranian Jujube Wholesale Center

Jujube production and processing is one of the most important parts of sending a good export-quality load to different countries.
The Artin company is one of the production and sales companies of jujube.

One of the advantages of this company is that this company is in South Khorasan province (where you can find jujube orchards in Iran).

Jujube produced in workshops and factories of jujube production and processing is classified according to characteristics and separated from each other.

  • Firstly, the larger the jujube, the more customer-friendly it is and the higher its quality and price.
  • Secondly, the lower the number of jujube wrinkles, the higher the quality of our jujube and the more the customer is willing to buy it.

In this way, the Artin company classifies jujube into seven categories, which form the first five categories of nut-size and usually large jujubes.

small jujubes have high wrinkles in the lower categories.
Also, these jujubes, which are medicinal jujubes, have a lower price in comparison with big size jujubes.

At last, you can find out the price of different jujube varieties and categories by contacting the sales managers and make your purchases directly and without intermediaries.

How to Export Apple Ber to Pakistan

How to Export Apple Ber to Pakistan

One of the issues that is important and you can read a few lines about it here is the export route of jujube from Iran to Pakistan.
By knowing these things, you can export better, easier and more cost-effectively.

Jujube exports to Pakistan are usually pursued in this way:

  • At first, it is loaded from the production factory and goes to Sistan and Baluchestan province of Iran.
  • It goes to Pakistan on the southeastern borders of the country in Sistan and Baluchestan province.
  • Finally, two things happen here.
    • The same truck will take the cargo to Pakistan and take it to the delivery port in Pakistan.
    • Or it is moved at the border, and they transfer jujubes to another truck.

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