Iranian Jujube for Powder and herbal medicine

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Iranian Jujube for Powder

Iranian Jujube for Powder and herbal medicine

There are many companies in Iran, India, China, South Korea, and Germany that use Iranian jujube for powder and herbal medicine production.

Experience buying Iranian jujube for powder production and producing herbal medicines.
The Artin company in Iran is the producer and exporter of jujube fruits with these qualities. This production unit is a sales center for medicinal jujube.

The main properties of medicinal dried jujube fruits are small size and wrinkles.

What is Powdering-Quality Jujube Fruit?

Powdering-Quality Jujube Fruit

Consumption of some jujube is for grinding. And this jujube powder has many uses in different products, especially in Iran, India, and Korea.
It is mostly medicinal and is using to treat various diseases.
Powdering-Quality jujube has the following characteristics:

  • Small Size
  • Wrinkles on the skin
  • Broken and Crushed jujubes

But the important point is that due to the therapeutic consumption of this type of jujube, it should not suffer from any pests.
Because jujube is a product that if not stored in a suitable environment with a suitable temperature, Worms will grow quickly inside the jujube.

If jujube is affected by this pest, there is no other way but to throw it away.
Some jujube consumers use Iranian jujube powder in their medicines in a healthy way.
But others use it as a mill and mix it with other materials.

Many jujube companies and units in South Khorasan Province of Iran sell their small size products under this name.
Jujube powder of South Khorasan, in addition to sales volume in the domestic market, also has many buyers in international markets.
India is one of the buyers of Iranian jujube for producing powder.

Iranian Jujube Price for Powder

Iranian Jujube Price for Powder

Price is very important to buy jujube in small sizes (using to produce powder).
Since this product is using as a raw material for many drugs, its price should not exceed the virtual limit.
On the other hand, many production units try to offer these products at a competitive price.
Because maybe out of every 50 tons of jujube, less than 5 tons of it is suitable to produce Iranian jujube powder.

For this reason, the producers want to sell this variety of jujube at a reasonable price as fast as possible.
Another noteworthy point is that jujube powder is completely wrinkled and its size is very small.
Considering all these factors, it should be stated that buying jujube powder should be done at the lowest possible price.

One of the factors affecting the price of jujube is its production in the South Khorasan region.
In years when the rainfall and weather conditions are good and the production volume is high, often the price of jujube suitable for the mill is very cheap.

To receive the daily price of medicinal jujube, you can contact one of the sales experts during office hours.
If you are on this website with your mobile phone, you can connect right now by clicking on the images below.

Artin Jujube Sale Center for Powder

Artin Jujube Sale Center

Many companies and production units are active in selling jujube.
As you know, the center of jujube production is in the eastern of Iran.

In other words, it is the center of producing various types of jujube powder and nuts in South Khorasan province.
Birjand and Ghaenat cities have the highest production and sales of this product.

One of the active companies to buy jujube powder is the Artin jujube production company.
This company is one of the main sales centers of jujube throughout the country.
All products of this collection are sending to different cities of Iran in 30 kg bags.

The orders registered in this collection will be sent entirely from Birjand and Mashhad city.
For more information in this field, you can contact the sales department of this company.

How to Buy Iranian Small Size Dried Jujube Fruits

Dried Jujube Fruits

To buy small medicinal jujube or powdered jujube from the Artin company, you can register your order quickly.
For this purpose, it is enough to first contact one of the collection sales experts.
After knowing the price of the day and also viewing the pictures and videos related to the load, you can submit your initial request.
At this stage, if needed, samples of products will be delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

If all items are in accordance with your needs, the order will be finalized and your desired product will enter the packaging process.
Once all the products are in suitable packaging, shipping and delivery are the final steps.

Cargo preparation time is determined by the sales unit according to the number of orders before you and also the volume you request.

If you want our colleagues to contact you, you can fill out the relevant forms from the consultation and contact section.

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