Iranian Jujube Fruits Price for Sale

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Jujube Fruits Price

Iranian Jujube Fruits Price for Sale

There are various dried fruits in the wholesale market of Iran. Iranian Jujube Fruits are one of them with a low level of price for sale in bulk.

Buy the first-class jujube with the best quality and large size from the Artin company.
Reasonable and affordable price in accordance with the quality of jujube can satisfy different groups of buyers.

In addition to coarse nut jujube, medicinal jujube is also selling directly in many markets to produce various herbal medicines.

Khorasan is Producing the best Iranian Jujube Fruits

Iranian Jujube Fruits

Different regions of South Khorasan province, as the center of Iranian jujube production, engages in jujube cultivation.
The most and highest quality jujube fruits in the province are produced in the central regions.

Jujube fruits in Khorasan, in addition to good and sweet taste, have a large and good size.
Increasing the knowledge of jujube producers makes the final products better in quality day by day.

At least, %25 orchards in Southern Khorasan are under the cultivation of Iranian jujube trees.

Iranian Jujube fruits’ market is the domestic market of Iran in fact. So, The price of jujube fruits depends on domestic market conditions directly.

Buying Jujube Fruits Directly from Khorasan, Iran

Buying Jujube Fruits

The first-class jujube sells in large quantities in Khorasan. In other words, a number of farmers hand over their products to production units in a tangled way (not sorted).
Some farmers also send their products to their customers in other cities in advance and before sorting at cheaper prices.

But the active production units in the region, especially the workshop units in Birjand, sort Ziziphus jujube red dates by Size, Color, Shape, etc.
In this way, jujube fruits divide into several groups: small, medium, large, and very large (big size).

This makes it easier for customers and wholesalers in other cities to choose and buy.
Obviously, In export markets, you need a high quality of sorted products.

In the wholesale markets, first-class jujube fruits sell in different quality categories.

In addition to size, other parameters such as color, amount of wrinkles, pest percentage and etc. are also effective in determining the quality and price of the product.
Production units operating in the region, such as the Artin Group, send their products directly to the store and wholesale units throughout the country.
This product delivery definitely does at cheaper prices when the purchase volume is high.

Iranian Jujube Fruits Sale’s Price

Jujube Fruits PriceThe price of jujube depends on various parameters, the major part of which is the amount of production and supply and demand in the market.
In the first harvest of this year, the crop year 2020, a lot of damage was done to the trees and the possibility of a significant reduction in production was high.
But with the second flowering of the trees, this perception was somewhat reduced.
Although the second jujube fruit of the tree has larger kernels and less flesh, the production was higher than expected.
But in general, the amount of jujube production in 2020 has been less than in 2019, of course, the quality of products is better due to the recent rainy year.

In determining the price of jujube, the most important factor is the size and non-worming of the product.
Due to the sale of large jujube red dates as nuts, its prices are higher than the small medicinal jujube.

In Artin Commercial Production Company, jujube classifies and sells in 8 separate codes.
After contacting the sales department of this collection, you can ask us to send you the price list and images regarding each code or category.

Artin Iranian Unnab to Buy for Import

Artin Iranian Unnab

First-class Persian Unnab (Iranian Jujube Fruits) of Khorasan, in addition to buying and selling in the domestic market, is also using for export.

Different countries buy Iranian jujube:

  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Turkey
  • Canada

Each of the buyers of this product buys a specific type and a certain size of it.
Some countries use Iranian jujube to produce medicine due to its many healing properties.

Different countries have done a lot of research on Persian Unnab and its leaves.

Of course, let’s not forget that besides Iran, China and Russia are also the largest producers of Ziziphus jujube.

Jujube production in these three countries also has differences with each other.

For more information in this regard, as well as information about the necessary certificates for the export/import of Iranian jujube, you can contact the company’s sales department.

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